Biography of Evangelist Tope Alabi (Age , Husband)

Patricia Tope Alabi was born on October 27, 1970, to Pa Joseph Akinleye Obayomi and Madam Agnes Kehinde Obayomi. The lone girl of the family’s three children was born in Lagos, although her birthplace is Yewa, Imeko, in Ogun state.

She is a Nigerian gospel singer, film music composer, and actress who has become a household name in the Nigerian Gospel music business.

Tope Alabi
Tope Alabi

Even though she was not a professional singer or choir member, she remembered her mother’s passion of singing to herself all the time. Tope stated that her mother wanted her to become a reverend nun as soon as possible because she had a vision of her daughter becoming God’s. She eventually recognized that this was not what these phrases meant and never attempted to include her daughter in the assembly.

Messages from God in her sleep revealed her passion and skill for singing. She was taught that this is what she needed to accomplish in life.Tope Alabi Biography

Tope used to be a member of the comic troupe Jester International. She then collaborated with other well-known traveling and stage theatre ensembles in both Ibadan and Lagos. She then switched to Christian music after giving her life to Christ.

Tope Alabi has been blissfully married to Soji Alabi for many years. Their love story began in 1994, when Soji was a studio engineer in Lagos and was given the opportunity to produce some movie music for Tope. The two couldn’t resist their feelings for one other, and four years later, in 1998, Soji proposed to Tope.Tope Alabi Age

Soji and Tope have worked together in business and claim to have never fought over business matters. We may claim that the two have a stronger grasp on business and family life. The couple has two children, Ayomikun and Deborah.

In 1986, she graduated from Oba Akinyele Memorial High School in Ibadan with an elementary and secondary education and a WAEC certificate. She continued her studies at the Polytechnic Ibadan, where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication in 1990.

Tope’s commitment to her studies cannot be questioned. Her interest for music and acting prompted her to join the ensemble named “Jester International” in Ibadan between 982 and 1984. She had her first instruction and experience in acting with the organization.

Between the year 1990 & 1991, she worked with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Ibadan as a correspondent under the supervision of Mr. Yanju Adegbite.

She also worked at Center-Spread Advertising Limited, which was based in Lagos’ Ilupeju neighborhood. After her varied professional experiences, Tope Alabi returned to the theatrical Art industry as she joined the acclaimed “Alade Aromire Theatre group” in 1994. There she was able to recognize herself as a brilliant and accomplished actor and vocalist. Tope Alabi found the group to be a great learning experience and eye-opener, since she was introduced to all aspects of theater and acting. She became involved in several cinema productions, as well as stage theater and music creation. She will be eternally thankful for the opportunity.

She has been approached by numerous authors, producers, and directors in the Yoruba cinema business to develop and perform soundtracks for their various movies.Tope Alabi Husband

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It is worth mentioning that Patricia Tope Alabi is the Yoruba Home Video Industry’s soundtrack pacesetter.

Tope Alabi’s engaging gospel compositions achieved popularity more than a decade ago and continue to do so today. She is regarded as one of Nigeria’s gospel music prodigies. Her musical versatility is noteworthy, as she can seamlessly merge current and classic beats.

She has a large number of albums to her credit. Her debut album, “Ore ti O Common,” was released in 2001. She followed it up with “Agbara Re Ni” four years later. She is usually carrying a pen and a jotter with her since God frequently sends her inspiration for new songs.


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She always prays before each stage performance, and she has never performed without it, since she realizes the importance of prayer in presenting high-quality motivating music to her fans.

On May 21, 2019, Nigerians on Twitter proclaimed her the Queen of Yoruba. This was the winner of a competition held by the United Bank of Africa to commemorate their 70th anniversary.

List Of Tope Alabi Songs:

  • Ore Ti O Common (2001)
  • Iwe Eri (2003)
  • Agbara Re Ni (2005)
  • Agbara Olorun (2006)
  • Angeli Mi (2007)
  • Kokoro Igbala (2008)
  • Kabiosi (2010)
  • Moriyanu
  • Agbelebu (2011)
  • Alagbara (2012)
  • Agbelebu (2013)
  • Oruko Tuntun (2015)
  • Omo Jesu (2017)
  • Yes & Amen (2018)
  • Spirit Of Light – TY Bello (2019)

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