Biography of Minister Prospa Ochimana (Age , Wife)

Minister Prospa Ochimana, born on November 6, in Kogi State, is a gospel music minister, performer, worship leader, songwriter, and music director. He is also a native of Nigeria’s Kogi State.

Prospa Ochimana
Prospa Ochimana

Minister Prospa (Tytman) organizes the annual Festival of Grace worship event (FoG), which has featured prominent gospel artists like as Freke Umoh, Chris Morgan, Psalm Ebube, Elijah Oyelade, and others. He is most known for his famous worship ballad “Ekwueme,” which featured the late Mrs. Osinachi Nwachukwu and catapulted him to popularity in 2018.Prospa Ochimana Biography

Prospa Ochimana is a Nigerian gospel singer, music coach, songwriter, performer, worshipper, clergyman, and mentor who has received several awards. He is also the President and CEO of Tornveil Music International.

Ochimana Prospa He is a singer, director, and composer, among other things. Prospa Ochimana’s songs are incredibly uplifting and soul-stirring, which is what draws many people to his talent. Prospa Ochimana is from Abuja.

In 2018, he released his song. In 2018, the artiste was nominated for City People’s Gospel Artiste of the Year.
Projects by Prospa Ochimana

The Festival of Grace concert is organized by Prospa Ochimana. At this performance, he has featured numerous gospel music musicians. The Festival of Grace Concert is a well-attended annual event that has featured prominent gospel performers such as Freke Umoh, Chris Morgan, Psalm Ebube, Elijah Oyelade, and others.

Songs by Prospa OchimanaProspa Ochimana Age

Prospa Ochimana attended Nassarawa State University and majored in Linguistics and African Languages.

Aside from ‘Ekwueme,’ other songs by Prospa Ochimana have achieved widespread recognition. Among them are ‘The Great I Am’ and ‘It All Belongs to You.’ After the Ekwueme song, they are the most popular. These are some of the most popular Nigerian gospel songs. His initial album, The Great I Am, featured a blazing Deep sound, however “It All Belongs to You” and the Ekwueme song are mellow rockers. Prospa Ochimana’s popularity skyrocketed with the release of his song ‘Ekwueme.’ Despite the fact that we know very little about the artist, Prospa’s followers continue to appreciate his songs while they wait for his upcoming music and projects, or until he exposes more intriguing facts about himself. Prospa has collaborated with gospel musicians like as Sam Ibozi (This Moment), Dr Paul (Yaweh Remix), Adakole William (Kabiyosi), and many more, including Mrs. Oshinashi.

Minister Prospa Ochimana, also known as Tytman, is a dedicated worship leader, lyricist, seasoned music teacher, music director, and composer. His melodies are incredibly uplifting and soul-stirring.

Prospa Ochimana’s most famous song, Ekwueme, has earned a large listening audience and followers. This song became his smash and established him as one of the most in-demand gospel artists both locally and abroad. The song’s title is in Igbo. However, the majority of its words are in English. As a result, individuals who do not understand Igbo may sing along and not feel lost in the song. Prospa wrote Ekwueme, but he also included an elderly woman named “Osinachi Nwachukwu.” The famous song “Ekwueme” literally translates to “The God who says and accomplishes it.”

What is the meaning of the song Ekwueme?

“Ekwueme” is a Nigerian Igbo term that meaning “The God who speaks and accomplishes it.”

Prospa Ochimana and “Osinachi Nwachukwu” laud God for his numerous attributes in the song, including his marvels, goodness, powerful powers, greatness, wisdom, and love. God is also referred to in the song as the unchanging and incomparable God.

Prospa Ochimana is a Nigerian gospel music preacher who has quickly risen to prominence. He is not only an entertainer, but also a musician, a leader, and a writer. His songs are extremely motivating and soul-stirring. When it comes to his exclusive publications, the artist is highly enigmatic. We discover that the artisan was born in the state of Kogi.Prospa Ochimana Wife

Little is known about his life before he became famous. Many of Prospa Ochimana’s tracks have become quite famous and fashionable online, with numerous streams and downloads on Boomplay. When he rose to notoriety, photographers flocked around him, but he appeared to be continually on the lookout for methods to keep his security genuinely close.

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He rose to prominence with the release of his first class song, ‘Ekwueme,’ in 2018. In 2018, the musician was named City People’s Gospel Artiste of the Year. He organizes the annual Festival of Grace show. This show features a few celebrities, notably Nigerian gospel singers.

Aside from ‘Ekwueme,’ other songs by Prospa rose to prominence, the most well-known of which were ‘The Great I Am’ and ‘It All Belongs to You.’ They are currently popular titles on the list of Nigerian gospel songs.

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