Biography of Brother Segun Ariyo (Age , Wife)

Segun Ariyo was born on April 29, 1963, to Reverend Ariyo and Mrs. Ariyo. He was his parents’ only kid, and he was born while they were both in their forties. He was known to be a problematic child in the face of his parents’ elderliness, but he was cultivated by godly adults in his environment at the time.

Segun Ariyo earned a degree in accounting at The Polytechnic Ibadan in Ibadan, Nigeria, between 1982 and 1985. He is also a graduate of Life International College of Theology, where he earned a diploma in advanced Christian leadership.

Segun Ariyo
Segun Ariyo

He found work as a District Accountant and Depot Manager with Cooperative Supply Association (CSA), Ibadan, Nigeria, between 1986 and 1988 since he was literate. Prior to his call to ministry, Bro Segun Ariyo, as he is affectionately known, ran a video production company alongside an auto dealership from 1988 to 1995.

Segun Ariyo was called to the ministry in 1986, and he currently oversees Potter’s House Christian Mission, a non-denominational Christian organization.Segun Ariyo Biography

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In answer to God’s call, he established a ministry and was forced to shut his firm on December 20, 1995. In March 1996, the ministry began as a church-denomination called Good Report Ministries, but in April 2006, it transitioned into a non-denominational Christian ministry called Potter’s House Christian Mission, with the simple goal of building lives, raising homes, and touching nations for Christ through the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and discipleship.Segun Ariyo Wife

This disciple, as he refers to himself, is a Word teacher who is in high demand at Christian gatherings, conferences, and conventions.

Pastor Segun Ariyo serves as the coordinator of the Potter’s House Christian Mission Summer School. Since its inception in August 2014, the summer school has provided annual free summer coaching to secondary school students from the surrounding towns. To help these students, we provide them with free Big Notes, Mathematical Sets, and a few text books. We also provide scholarships to a small number of excellent students. All of this we do as a means of giving back to society. Every year, we have an average of 300 pupils in attendance. As God grows facilities, the Summer School intends to progress to a free boarding Summer School and, eventually, a tuition-free school.Segun Ariyo Age

Segun Ariyo is the creator of Cross-Fire Online Radio. The platform, which was founded in March 2020, is affiliated with Potter’s House Christian Mission and serves as a gospel spiritual movement in supplying the missing link to this generation.

Bro Segun Ariyo, as he is known, refers to himself as “this disciple.” He blogs on WordPress and, by God’s help, has written a few books. These are some examples:

  1. Single without Singe (…rediscovering the truth about marriage)
  2. Raising Pure Children in an Impure World
  3. Instruments for Revival
  4. The Making of a Disciple (Vol. 1)
  5. Advancing God’s Kingdom through Professional Platforms
  6. The Making of a Disciple (Vol. 2)
  7. Crystal Jesus in the Smokescreen of Music
  8. The Faith of the Harlots

Segun Ariyo married Mrs. Bosede Ariyo in October 1988, and they have two children, Precious and Ransomed Ariyo. He was born in Ijebu Ode, moved to Ibadan, and now lives in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Messages By Brother Segun Ariyo:

  1. Virtue of Fire (Mp3)
  2. Target of His Mercy
  3. Interpretation from above that brings Performance
  4. Beware of Dropping from Grace
  5. The Mystery Of His Choice
  6. Understanding The Riches And Glory Of His Grace
  7. Unto This End Was I Born
  8. The Faith That Spurs God Into Action
  9. The Faith That Provokes God
  10. Prepared Heart For Stepping Into Action
  11. Faith That Works By Love
  12. Obedience That Leads To His Glory
  13. Power And Authority For His Own
  14. The Need For A Child Like Faith
  15. Healing Of The Head
  16. Repentance Without Boundary
  17. Our Lifestyle In Christ
  18. Lifestyle Of The Sent On The Field
  19. Lifestyle Of The Sent On The Field Part 2
  20. A Prudent Man
  21. A Purposeful Heart
  22. A Stooge Of Christ
  23. Arise And Go To Bethel
  24. Atmosphere For Miracle

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