30 Powerful Prayer Points To Survive Hard Economy

30 Powerful Prayer Points To Survive Hard Economy – The absence of competent and comprehensive preparation by government officials and individuals, as well as powers of darkness, may be traced back to the hard economic.

A hard economy is defined as any economic scenario in which things appear difficult, dismal, and frustrating.

Prayer Points To Survive Hard Economy
Prayer Points To Survive Hard Economy

The power of darkness is the devil’s and his wicked agents’ evil and demonic might. The kingdom of evil is fighting the children of God with the might of darkness. The wicked energies responsible for the world’s awful tragedies and demonic activities are known as the power of darkness.

The power of darkness has taken over the globe, as evidenced by current events in the world’s economic difficulties.

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This demonstrates the significance of reciting the Prayer of Prayers for a Hard Economy. This is a prayer that every Christian must say every day.

30 Powerful Prayer Points To Survive Hard Economy :

1. In Jesus’ name, I praise your Holy Name for the pleasure of seeing this day as a living soul.

2. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your love and mercy toward myself and my family.

3. In Jesus’ name, I adore you, Father, for your constant care and supply for me and my home.

4. In Jesus’ name, I adore you, Father, for your mighty protection over me and my family.

5. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your strong hand working marvels in my life, destiny, career, academics, business, marriage, and ministry.

6. Oh Lord, hear my pleas and answer my prayers in Jesus’ name.

7. In Jesus’ name, surround me and my home with your constant love.

8. In Jesus’ name, Father, continue to direct my ways and help me live a safe life.

9. Oh Lord, continue to speak for me on behalf of my household and all of my endeavors in Jesus’ name.

10. In Jesus’ name, aid and guide me to be vigilant in my work, profession, and business.

11. In Jesus’ name, I order all wicked arrows in my life, destiny, business, academics, job, family, and ministry to fall.

12. In Jesus’ name, Father, break every burden of darkness in my life via your anointing.

13. Disgrace the human being working with the power of evil to delay and upset my financial life, in Jesus’ name.

14. In Jesus’ name, Father, bring down your fire on the altar of my life.

15. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, every charm battling me will be made ineffective.

16. In Jesus’ name, my Father, please remove every demonic altar of darkness that stands in my way.

17. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, deliver me from the grip of economic concerns.

18. In Jesus’ name, I announce that every adversary wandering about the garden of my life will be buried alive.

19. In Jesus’ name, alter my life by fire and anointing.

20. Oh Lord, I proclaim that everything stolen from me by dark powers will be returned to me sevenfold in Jesus’ name.

21. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I receive the ability to destroy all works of evil in my life and destiny.

22. Oh Lord, arise and fight every battle of darkness that has been cast upon my life and destiny in Jesus’ name.

23. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, destroy all powers of evil sent to destroy me.

24. Oh Lord, by your strength, dry up my opponents’ economic power source in Jesus’ name.

25. In Jesus’ name, expose and shame every friendly Judas Iscariot in my life.

26. In Jesus’ name, I declare that no force of darkness will be able to compromise my destiny.

27. In Jesus’ name, Father, beam your light into my life and disarm the powers of evil in my financial life.

28. In Jesus’ name, expose and devour every agent of evil assigned to work against my destiny and economy.

My Father, 29. In Jesus’ name, pass through my life with your strength and eradicate the works of darkness.

30. In Jesus’ name, expose and silence every force calling my name and destined for evil.

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