40 Powerful Prayer Points For Revival

40 Powerful Prayer Points For Revival – Do you want a historic revival in your church? Does it appear that the spiritual fire of your pastors is fading by the day, that church members are finding it difficult to attend to church, that your church is no longer fulfilling the mandate for its existence, and that sin is growing more prevalent among your members? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should pray these 40 church revival prayer points.

The term revival simply refers to a reawakening. In these last days, there is a great need for revival in God’s churches all over the world, because, as the Scripture says in 2 Timothy 3, we are in perilous times, when people have grown tired of serving in the church, when many have fallen away, when many now see paying tithes and offerings as a burden, and when the love of God in the hearts of many has grown cold (Matthew 24:12).

Prayer Points For Revival
Prayer Points For Revival


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There is no better moment to pray for revival than right now.

If you’re wondering if revival is part of God’s plan for the church, the Bible warns us in Isaiah 57:15. “For thus said the high and lofty One who occupied eternity, whose name is Holy: I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also who is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and the heart of the contrite ones.”

According to this scripture, it is clear that God desires to revive the people of God’s church, but as it is written, the church must be of a contrite spirit and of a humble heart; it takes a humble heart to admit that the church needs revival, and it takes a humble heart to sincerely long and thirst for revival from the Almighty.

The importance of church revival cannot be overstated, for without it, a church may lose its place in Christ and its relevance on earth. Christ’s mandate for every church is to reign, control their surroundings, free people from the forces of evil (Matthew 16: 19), and most significantly, to bring souls into Christ’s kingdom (Colossians 1:13) so that Christ’s sacrifice on the cross would not be in vain in the lives of many.

Can an unresurrected church meet these demands, can an unresurrected church genuinely free people from the powers of darkness? Certainly not!

So, how can we resurrect the Church? First, we must recognize our bad spiritual condition (Revelations 3:17), next we must really seek revival in the church, and last, we must restore preachings on repentance, purity, fear of God, and true love. Aside from studying and proclaiming God’s Word, we must also pray earnestly for revival.

We must now rise in prayer and beseech the Lord for revival, pleading for a period of refreshing from the Lord, so that the church might return to the days when it was recognized for sanctity, purity, miracles, signs, and marvels.

40 Powerful Prayer Points For Revival :

1. Father I thank you for your kindness toward the church, Lord, blessed be your name.

2. Lord, I thank you for your generosity toward God’s churches all throughout the world; all honor goes to you, Lord.

3. Father, we recognize that we have sinned and come short of your glory; please grant us mercy in Jesus’ name.

4. Lord, please forgive us for being careless with your word and your ways, and show us kindness. Lord

5. Oh Lord, please forgive us for interpreting your Word to please the ears of the listeners rather than to please you, in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, please have pity on us in whatever manner we have strayed from what is right in your eyes. Lord

7. In Jesus’ name, Father, please heal the churches and bring forth a revival beyond our wildest dreams.

8. Throughout Jesus’ name, Lord, please restore true hunger and thirst for holiness and righteousness in God’s churches.

9. Father, please assist us in washing our garments so that we may gain compassion from you, Lord.

10. Please have pity on us, Lord, according to the fullness of thy mercies, and do not deal with us in accordance with our folly, in Jesus’ name.

11. In Jesus’ name, show us your kindness in all the ways we have twisted our beliefs to match the ways of the world.

12. In Jesus’ name, please have compassion on us in whatever manner we have exposed our children and adolescents to the world via our beliefs.

13. Father, please show us mercy, Lord, and bring forth renewal in the churches of Christ.

14. Oh Lord, make your presence felt in our midst once more in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

15. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, may your presence be felt in all of our services.

16. We do not want to rely on technology or contemporary techniques to bring souls into the kingdom; instead, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, return us to the position of praying and fasting for lost souls.

17. Please, Lord, bring us to the location where we may intercede for lost souls so that there might be huge conversions of souls to Christianity.

18. Oh Lord, please restore us to the position of evangelism, and assist us in reclaiming our surroundings for Christ via evangelism in the great name of Jesus Christ.

19. Oh Lord, please open our spiritual eyes and ears to see, hear, and sense your will for the church in these times, in Jesus’ name.

20. In Jesus’ name, Father, please remove those who are members of the church yet refuse to enable others to accept salvation.

21. Rebuke everyone who is impeding your progress in the church, Father, in the great name of Jesus Christ.

22. In Jesus’ great name, we shatter every demonic influence on these persons who are impeding the redemption of others in the church.

23. In the great name of Jesus Christ, we call forth the fire of revival upon the church right now.

24. In the great name of Jesus Christ, we declare that crusades be resurrected.

25. In the great name of Jesus Christ, I command a resurgence of the supernatural.

26. Throughout the great name of Jesus Christ, Father, provide indisputable signs and wonders in the church.

27. In Jesus’ name, Lord, let our youngsters begin to prophesy and our seniors begin to have dreams in line with your desire.

28. In the great name of Jesus Christ, Lord, restore your glory to the church.

29. In the great name of Jesus Christ, may sinners who enter the church be quickly convicted of their misdeeds.

30. In the tremendous name of Jesus Christ, Lord, produce a powerful stir that will lead many unbelievers to Christ.

31. In Jesus’ name, Lord, grant that many miracles occur in the church today.

32. Oh Lord, rekindle the passion in our youth for you.

33. In Jesus’ name, may our Pastors truly hold on to you without mingling worldly things with their faith.

34. Oh Lord, may your enthusiasm continue to push God’s pastors until the rapture in Jesus’ powerful name.

35. Father, assist us to be focused on proclaiming your Word and accomplishing your will in Jesus’ powerful name, rather than on money and material things.

36. Oh Lord, please assist us not to become involved in men’s teachings and beliefs that are contrary to your will for the church, in Jesus’ name.

37. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Father, please enable me to be revitalized in the place of prayers and fasting.

38. Oh Lord, renew our sacrifices and tithes to you in the majestic name of Jesus Christ.

39. In the magnificent name of Jesus Christ, we ask for your grace to stay faithful to your will.

40. Thank you for responding to our prayers.


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