Prayer Points For Pastors

30 Powerful Prayer Points For Pastors And Their Families

30 Powerful Prayer Points For Pastors And Their Families – Do you want to pray strong prayers for your pastors? Is your pastor now facing a struggle, and have you been inspired to pray for him or her? You’ve come to the right place because we’ll be sharing 30 powerful prayers for and their families.

Pastors work extremely hard for their congregations; they pray for the church even in their closets, they study and teach the word of God, they bless lives and restore broken families, the majority of them do not even have a life of their own, they spend the majority of their time praying for souls, organizing crusades, giving to the poor, attending to the sick, and helping others find their purpose.

These are major roles, and it’s surprising how pastors spend so much of their time doing these things for the sake of pleasing God and accomplishing His will. “I encourage then, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a tranquil and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty,” 1 Timothy 1:2-3 states. Because this is good and acceptable in the eyes of God, our Saviour.

Prayer Points For Pastors
Prayer Points For Pastors

If you agree with me, no amount of money or gift you can give to your pastor will ever be enough to compensate for the degree of sacrifice he makes in keeping the church together. This is why, in addition to any gift you may want to give your pastor in appreciation for their good works, you should also pray for them that the good Lord, who sees their deepest desires, will answer them quickly (Psalm 20:4) and renew their strength daily (Isaiah 40:31) for the great work they are doing in Jesus’ name.

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30 Powerful Prayer Points For Pastors And Their Families :

1. Daddy I am grateful for your charity and grace for my pastors and their families.

2. Lord, I thank you for your constancy and generosity toward their lives and families.

3. Thank you for meeting their needs and assisting them in every way; to you be all praise in Jesus name.

4. Lord, I thank you for the tranquility you have brought into their marriages; blessed be your wonderful name, Lord.

5. Father, I thank you for your obvious presence in their lives; all praise to you in Jesus’ name.

6. Thank you because their walls are always in front of you and will not be forgotten in Jesus’ name.

7. Lord, I thank you for your great intentions and excellent thoughts for them; may you be exalted in Jesus’ name.

8. Lord, I thank you for your power in my family members’ life; be glorified in the magnificent name of Jesus Christ.

Father’s Day I beseech you to have compassion on my pastor in all the ways he has sinned and fallen short of your glory in his acts and words; please let your mercy speak for them in Jesus’ great name.

10. Lord, please have compassion on my pastors’ lives and pardon them in all areas, in Jesus’ name.

11. Father, in Jesus’ great name, please let your kindness speak for me in all the ways they have made decisions against your will.

12. Father, bring light to our Pastors’ paths in Jesus’ name.

13. In Jesus’ great name, I beseech you to refresh the vigor of our pastors.

14. Lord, I pray for supernatural knowledge for our pastors so that they can interpret your Word as you wish, in Jesus’ tremendous name.

15. Oh Lord, I pray that our Pastors would not fail in any aspect of their life during this season, in Jesus’ great name.

16. Lord, I pray for our Pastors that your will be done in all aspects of their lives, in Jesus’ great name.

17. Father, please give them tremendous insight to devise tactics to assist propel the church ahead in Jesus’ glorious name.

18. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, please fill them with your strength and anointing to accomplish exploits this season.

19. I immerse all of our pastors in the blood of Jesus Christ, and the wicked’s intentions for them will fail in Jesus’ powerful name.

20. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, all of our Pastors will begin to experience significant personal improvement.

21. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I revoke all death sentences against our Pastors.

22. In Jesus’ name, I annul every ordinance of damnation set to them.

23. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, our Pastors shall not make erroneous judgments.

24. In Jesus’ powerful name, they shall not walk in mistake all the days of their life.

25. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce that everything will be right with their going out and coming in.

26. In Jesus’ great name, I pronounce that good news will break out in all areas of their life.

27. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, all is right with their families and finances.

28. In Jesus’ name, the altar of darkness shall not triumph over them and their family.

29. In the tremendous name of Jesus Christ, I pray that the ministry God has given to my pastor would grow considerably and go beyond borders.

30. In the great name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce that our Pastors will have God’s peace all around them.

31. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I demand that their long-awaited expectations be instantly established by fire.

32. In the magnificent name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce that my pastors shall always be the essence of God’s magnificence and strength.

33. During this season, my pastors will laugh all the way to the bank in their interactions with Jesus. Jesus Christ, you have a powerful name.

34. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I command that we will not mourn for our Pastors during this season.

35. Thank you, Jesus, for responding to us.

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