40 Best Prayer Points For Immigration Breakthrough

40 Best Prayer Points For Immigration Breakthrough – The process of moving to live in a foreign country or nation is known as immigration.

Immigration is the process by which an individual relocates permanently to another residential area, state, or country.

Prayer Points For Immigration Breakthrough
Prayer Points For Immigration Breakthrough


The international movement and relocation of a person or people to a destination country where he or she is not a native or place of birth is known as immigration.


A migration is sometimes required and unavoidable for us to experience significant changes in our lives, destiny, and ministry.

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Our Heavenly Father understood the significance of migration, so when He was about to change Abraham’s life and destiny, He changed his location by summoning him from his father’s house and land.

This exemplifies why our Heavenly Father is always eager to change our location in life when He is ready to raise us in life and in the place of destiny.

We must involve our Heavenly Father in our migration so that He can direct our paths and lead us to the place of our destiny transformation, enlargement, expansion, upliftment, prosperity, wealth, beautification, and fulfillment.

The immigration breakthrough prayer is a very important and vital prayer for all Christians to pray when God leads them to change their location.

40 Best Prayer Points For Immigration Breakthrough :

1. Dear Father, I appreciate the opportunity and privilege of witnessing another beautiful day.

2. In Jesus’ name, I thank you, Father, for your guidance and protection over my life.

3. In Jesus’ name, I thank you, Father, for your provision in every area of my life.

4. In Jesus’ name, Lord, bless and expand my ministry in your power and might.

5. In Jesus’ name, Father, make my immigration a complete success.

6. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, by your fire, dry up every arrow of stagnation shot into my life and destiny.

7. In Jesus’ name, Lord, silence every evil voice speaking against my immigration breakthrough.

8. In Jesus’ name, my Father, by your power, put an end to the wicked’s activities against my international relocation.

9. In Jesus’ name, Father, raise helpers to assist me with my immigration process.

10. God, in Jesus’ name, send me your great help from above to assist and strengthen me in all aspects of my ministry.

11. In Jesus’ name, I cancel every power of stunted growth in my life.

12. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, grant divine intervention in my immigration breakthrough.

13. In Jesus’ name, Father, declare my life and destiny to the world.

14. Oh Lord, you powers that have been causing constant delays in my immigration success, submit your power right now in Jesus’ name.

15. In Jesus’ name, Father, baptize my life and destiny with the anointing of great speed to run and overtake all my contemporaries.

16. In Jesus’ name, Father, cause the seeds that have been sown to bear fruit quickly.

17. Oh Lord, by your power, open all doors of favor that have been closed against my destiny and grant me Immigration Breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

18. God, I invoke the angelic presence to assist me in my immigration breakthrough in Jesus’ name.

19. God, in Jesus’ name, bless me with the assurance of your power and favor.

20. In Jesus’ name, cause your angels to announce my destiny in the four corners of the earth.

21. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, every satanic impediment to my immigration breakthrough and processing is hereby removed by fire.

22. In Jesus’ name, my Father, by your power, I extinguish every arrow of wrong direction shot into my life.

23. Give me a voice, Lord, and make me a voice in my generation, in Jesus’ name.

24. In Jesus’ name, my Father revealed to me everything I needed to know to experience immigration breakthrough.

25. In Jesus’ name, I ask my Father to help me always take the right steps and make the right decisions in my life so that I can fulfill my destiny.

26. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, locate my life and destiny with a miracle, sign, and wonder of successful immigration breakthrough.

27. In Jesus’ name, send fire into the camp of the evil ones fighting against my Immigration Breakthrough.

28. In Jesus’ name, my Father, demolish every wicked plan to demote me.

29. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant me wisdom and knowledge for the expansion and advancement of my ministry.

30. In Jesus’ name, expose and disgrace every satanic force and power plotting to take over my life.

31. In Jesus’ name, I cast and bind every spirit of rejection sent into my destiny.

32. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, dismantle every plan of the enemy to frustrate my immigration processing.

33. In Jesus’ name, I arrest by your fire every spirit of disappointment sent into my immigration processing and breakthrough.

34. In Jesus’ name, Lord, provide everything I need to move my life and destiny forward.

35. In Jesus’ name, my Father, silence every power assigned against me in my immigration breakthrough that causes me to struggle.

36. God, every evil weapon programmed against me and directed at my life will cease to function immediately in Jesus’ name.

37. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I decree and declare that doors of miracles, signs, wonders, breakthroughs, expansion, and testimonies will open for me in ministry.

38. In Jesus’ name, make me a true and worthy ambassador of state, country, and generation.

39. In Jesus’ name, Lord, grant me the grace to live up to the standard of your grace upon my life and destiny.

40. In Jesus’ name, I hand over my immigration processing and breakthroughs to you, take over my immigration, and direct my immigration in accordance with your glorious plans for my life, destiny, marriage, and ministry.


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