30 Powerful Prayer Points For Divine Restoration

30 Powerful Prayer Points For Divine Restoration – My great army that I sent among you was the crawling locust, the consuming locust, and the chewing locust. You will eat well and be satisfied.

And extol the Lord your God’s name.

Who has wondrously dealt with you; and My people shall never be ashamed. Then you will know that I am in Israel: I am the Lord your God.

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And there isn’t another. My people will never be ashamed.

Have you recently lost something important to you? Do you keep losing good relationships, job opportunities, and lucrative contracts?

Prayer Points For Divine Restoration
Prayer Points For Divine Restoration

Don’t be burdened by the past, because the scripture encourages us not to remember the things of the past. God assured us that He will do a new thing, and more interestingly, He said it shall spring forth now.

He also promised that He would turn impossibilities into possibilities for us, so that all glory would return to God.

The scripture also clearly states in Joel 2 that the Lord will restore to us the years that the locust, cankerworm, and caterpillar ate and that we lived in abundance.

So, regardless of what you have lost or how you lost it, whether through the actions of evil forces or your own carelessness and mistakes, as you pray these 30 powerful prayers for divine restoration, I pray that your health, peace of mind, finances, greatness in career, favor, divine opportunities, and marriage will be fully restored in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

All your losses will be restored in multiple folds as a result of these divine restoration prayers, in Jesus’ name.

30 Powerful Prayer Points For Divine Restoration :

1. Thank you, Lord, for your unfailing love and grace toward me and my family.

2. Thank you, Jesus, for protecting us from the deeds of our enemies; blessed be your name, Lord.

3. Lord, I thank you for being my strength and sustainer throughout all of the enemies’ crises, thank you for victory, and all glory to you in Jesus’ name.

4. Lord, I appreciate the valuable lessons you have taught me in the past about how not to handle my resources carelessly in order to avoid losing them.

5. Lord, I thank you in advance because I know that nothing is impossible with you; all glory to you in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, I thank you for being my present help in time of need.

7. Lord, I humbly request your mercy in all ways; I have caused myself great loss of property; please show me mercy in Jesus’ name.

8. Father, please forgive me for all the times you sent people to correct my lifestyle and careless spending, but I didn’t listen; please show me your mercy, Lord.

9. Lord, please forgive me completely. I have used my resources to fund the works of the flesh rather than the works of God; show me your mercy in Jesus’ name.

10. Oh Lord, please look upon me in mercy and answer all of my prayers this day in Jesus’ name.

11. Father, Oh Lord God of Restoration, restore me now in Jesus’ name.

12. King of Glory, in Jesus’ name, restore all the wealth and riches that I have lost in recent years.

13. In Jesus’ name, Lord, please silence every mouth that speaks against my restoration through your mighty power.

14. Oh Lord, please revive and restore me spiritually in Jesus’ mighty name.

15. Merciful Father In Jesus’ name, I request that you send me helpers who will facilitate my restoration.

16. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, please restore my health and bring life back to my dying bones.

17. Oh Lord, please restore my business with your mighty hand, and make all those who have laughed me to acorns ashamed in Jesus’ name.

18. Oh Lord, for the sake of your name, please bring me out of the dungeon of poverty and reproach, and please restore me to the Lord.

19. Father, please use me for your glory again, and let your anointing flow upon my life so that you can do great things through me as in the past, in Jesus’ name.

20. Father, please pull me out of this sudden darkness that I am experiencing on a daily basis, and let your light shine upon me once more in Jesus’ name.

21. Oh Lord, please restore my glory in ministry, so that your word will come forth from my mouth with power and authority, in Jesus’ name.

22. Lord, please restore my love for you and help me to love you as much as I did when you first came into my life, in Jesus’ name.

23. Father, please restore my peace, remove this constant struggle, and allow my soul to rest in you, Lord, in Jesus’ name.

24. Lord, please remove everything that could deprive me of the overwhelming peace you intend for me in Jesus’ name.

25. Father, please restore my marriage and allow my spouse and me to love and understand each other better day by day, in Jesus’ name.

26. Lord, please restore my prayer life and help me to be on fire for you so that I can be connected to you and be a solution provider to many people’s problems in Jesus’ name.

27. Lord, please restore my faith, help me to believe and completely trust in you again, and help me to live every day in the hope that you are working things out in my favor, in Jesus’ name.

28. Father, please restore my strength so that I can resume my career, academics, workplace, and ministry with confidence, in Jesus’ name.

29. Lord, please restore my zeal for gospel work, and help me to be able to evangelize and win souls for you once more in Jesus’ name.

30. Father, I thank you for restoring me quickly and abundantly in Jesus’ mighty name.

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