40 Effective Prayer Points During Courtship

40 Effective Prayer Points During Courtship -Know that Courtship is the act of entering into a relationship with a lady in preparation for marriage. It is a circumstance in which a man and a woman form a relationship with the intention of marrying.

The above Bible text sheds further light on God’s perspective on the significance of relationships. Knowing full well that God has good plans for us in relationships, the devil sets out on a mission to sponsor the wrong person into the life of a believer. This demonstrates why we must constantly check ourselves and our spiritual status to ensure we are still pleasing to God and in the right relationship and association.

Prayer Points During Courtship
Prayer Points During Courtship


Incorrect relationship or wrong courting is a subtle weapon of the devil, which means that the adversary may plant the wrong person in the life of a believer and the believer will not discover the presence of the wrong person unless assisted by the Holy Spirit. Let us, as God’s children, get rid of wicked individuals in our life.


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We are required to be patient and humble as God’s children as we patiently, prayerfully, and optimistically await the Divine connection with the proper person for relationship and courting. This demonstrates the significance and value of courting prayer so that we might survive and triumph during our life’s waiting phase.

The prayer before or during courting is critical, and it is one that we should pray every day of our life to increase our patience and understanding in partnership and romance. We should understand that our God is neither too quick nor too sluggish; rather, our God is always on time, doing the right thing at the appropriate time.

40 Effective Prayer Points During Courtship :

1. Dear Father, In Jesus’ name, I thank you for the gift of a nice spouse for me.

2. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your constant protection and direction over me and my family.

3. In Jesus’ name, I admire you for your compassion, love, grace, and care for me.

4. In Jesus’ name, my Father, I thank you for your extraordinary love and mercy extended to me and my family.

5. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I demand every wicked gang of the adversary assaulting my relationship and Courtship to be burned by fire.

6. In Jesus’ name, I command every gang of every invisible adversary against my Courtship to be scattered by fire.

7. In Jesus’ name, every invisible force and enemy acting against my Courtship, perish today by fire.

8. In Jesus’ name, I order today, by your might, that every monitoring arrow of the Invisible adversary utilized in monitoring my Courtship catch fire and be torn to pieces.

9. In Jesus’ name, make me invisible and invincible to every invisible adversary and arrow.

10. Oh Lord, today I set fire to the Invisible enemy’s terrible arrows and burn them to ashes in Jesus’ name.

11. In Jesus’ name, my Father, by your fire and strength, strike and destroy every invisible arrow intended to ruin my Courtship with ill luck.

12. In Jesus’ name, my Father, quiet every demonic and invisible tongue that speaks negatively into my life.

13. In Jesus’ name, I order that every stubborn and unrepentant foe of my life, destiny, profession, academics, business, family, marriage, and ministry be consumed by your burning fire.

14. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, every arrow aimed against my Courtship by the wicked and invisible enemy shall be deflected.

15. In Jesus’ name, my Father burns with fire every malicious arrow of the wicked adversary aimed at my life and connection.

16. Oh Lord, I demand that from today, every malicious arrow aimed towards my Courtship shall cease to function and be made ineffective in Jesus’ name.

17. In Jesus’ name, I declare that no wicked scheme or agenda of the Invisible Arrow shall stand against my life, destiny, career, academics, business, family, marriage, or ministry.

18. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, destroy with your fire every negative arrow of poverty and death aimed at me and my home.

19. In Jesus’ name, I demand every evil authority of the wicked and invisible arrow to be rendered useless against my life destiny and family.

20. In Jesus’ name, I suppress every demonic force displaying bad things in my courting, prosperity, life, work, academics, business, family, marriage, and ministry today.

21. Oh Lord, construct a wall of fire and protection around me and my family so that we are impenetrable to demonic arrows in Jesus’ name.

22. In Jesus’ name, bring confusion into the camp of all invisible enemies and let them be consumed.

23. In Jesus’ name, Father, I will not be a victim of a bad relationship or courtship.

24. In Jesus’ name, Father, protect me and my home and hide us under the shadow of your wings.

25. In Jesus’ name, Father, guard and keep me from every evil arrow of the wicked and invisible adversary.

In Jesus’ name, arise, visit my foundation, and shake off every evil Invisible arrow tied to my Courtship.

27. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise, battle, and kill all demonic entities battling me with the improper connection.

28. Oh Lord, I repel every demonic arrow aimed at my Courtship with your strength, in Jesus’ name.

29. In Jesus’ name, scatter by fire any demonic plot to pour penury into my spiritual wealth with a negative arrow.

30. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, arise in your wrath and shatter every invisible adversary and force that is sponsoring wicked arrows into my Courtship, life, destiny, job, academics, business, family, marriage, and ministry.

31. In Jesus’ name, I bind every wicked and evil force from sending a bad arrow into my relationship, courtship, wealth, and prosperity.

32. In Jesus’ name, I soak myself and my home in the Blood of Jesus, and we become impenetrable to all evil darts.

33. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I tear down every evil and demonic spiritual edifice that stands in the path of my promised Land of spiritual riches.

34. In Jesus’ name, I order the gates of good and healthy relationships to be opened for me.

35. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I command the spirit of a winner and excellent dreams to take over my life and make me a winner in all aspects of my life.

36. In Jesus’ name, I announce and proclaim my triumph over all the wicked invisible adversary and power of evil arrows of incorrect connection and courtship on my life and destiny.

37. In Jesus’ name, Lord, quiet every negative speech that speaks poverty into my spiritual riches and destiny.

38. In Jesus’ name, guard me and my household from every arrow of poverty aimed at me and my riches and success.

39. In Jesus’ name, come to my foundation and remove every plant of poverty in my life and destiny.

40. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, arise and purify my life, family, work, profession, company, academics, and ministry of all forms of poverty.

41. In Jesus’ name, I command that every wicked arrow aimed at my relationship, romance, success, wealth, blessings, life, household, and destiny be burned by fire.


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