List Of Top 10 Facts About Mount Everest climbers

List Of Top 10 Facts About Mount Everest climbers : There are hundreds of unrecoverable dead bodies on Everest.

The chances of dying are roughly 1-2% (give or take depending on the circumstances). It’s an extremely high rate; you’d never be able to fly planes with that many casualties.

Mount Everest climbers
Mount Everest climbers

Even still, people continue to do it. As you climb the mountain, you’ll frequently come across dead bodies, many of them are still somewhat intact due to the cold.

This individual is referred to as “Green Boots.”

He was a climber from India who died in 1996. He is thought to be Tsewang Paljor.

A snowstorm attacked him and his crew just as they were about to reach the peak. Sensing the danger, many team members retreated.

Twesang and a few others, however, persisted, not wanting to come up short. They were successful. Twesang opted to stay and offer a few prayers on his own as the others turned around to walk back down. It would be an expensive error.

Three members died in all. They were neither the first nor the last to do so. Choose your risks wisely.

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