Story Of the IFA priest who sacrificed himself for ljebuland

Story Of the IFA priest who sacrificed himself for ljebuland : Long ago, when we still worshiped orisas amid the trees and orisas and heroes roamed among us, a large portion of ljebu was unexpectedly submerged by water from a lagoon.

It was in severe flood, threatening to inundate the entire ljebu Country and other areas of Yoruba land. The ljebu elders resolved to seek the advice of the legendary IFA priest Onisemu Leguru.

IFA priest who sacrificed himself for ljebuland
IFA priest who sacrificed himself for ljebuland


Leguru took out his “opele” and cast it after a lengthy panegyric ceremony.
The odu Ifa who arrived predicted a combination of good and bad luck. The good news was that the water will eventually drain. The bad news was the nature of the sacrifice that had to be made.


Leguru was forced to pay with his life. He did not try to pervert the message of IFA or dodge his fate since he was a smart and honest priest.

The heroic priest delivered the ifa message to the elders and pledged to die in return for the life of the town and its inhabitants. He consented to do so on the condition that no one from his family ever pay tax in Ijebu again, and that his act be remembered and his spirit be revered annually.

He set out and spread his mat on the lake. As he began his divination spell, the water began to recede, carrying him afloat on his mat like a raft until he vanished far in the distance, in the center of the lagoon. Finally, the lagoon withdrew to Epe.

It is reported that Onisemu Leguru may still be heard conducting divination at Epe’s lagoon to this day.


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