How To Praise A Man In Igbo Language

How To Praise A Man In Igbo Language : The eastern section of Nigeria, controlled by the Igbo tribe, is a one-of-a-kind area to visit or reside. Aside from the tranquil surroundings and typically inexpensive cost of living, there is a significant display of culture and great respect for customs and tradition, which impacts how the inhabitants interact and engage with others around the country and the globe at large.

How To Praise A Man In Igbo Language
How To Praise A Man In Igbo Language

Essentially, individuals in the east are significantly more emotionally guarded than their counterparts in the west or north of the country, which some tourists find unsettling.

The fact is that they may be both loving and demonstrative when it comes to exhibiting affection, however they may not do so in the anticipated manner. Jumia Travel shares 5 unusual ways individuals in eastern Nigeria display affection to help travelers understand their way of life.

How To Praise A Man In Igbo Language :

1. Extol praiseworthy names and titles

People in the eastern portions of Nigeria, particularly in Aba and Owerri, frequently display devotion by calling the individual with fancy names and praise words. Popular titles include Chief, Oga, Odum, Eze, and so forth. They often utilize terms that glorify the person being referred to, such as “onye Isi,” which means “the man man,” and “Nwoke ukwu,” which means “Big gentleman.”

2. Praise the individual

Another method they express affection is by boasting to others about the individual or something the person has done or will do. When they begin to brag, they usually make sure the individual is within hearing distance, so the person knows they are preferred or appreciated. Parents frequently do this with their children rather than simply hugging them or using emotional words like “I love you” and similar phrases.

3. Symbolic/meaningful presents

Giving presents is a typical method for people all around the world to express affection, but individuals in the eastern portions of Nigeria take it a step further. They lavishly donate everything from unexpected surprises to farm animals and food in order to demonstrate their appreciation. This is also why Nigerian women prefer to marry Igbo guys who truly love them.

4. They share their resources.

The Igbos are widely seen as stingy and self-centered. The main assumption is that they are obsessed with money and would gain as much riches as possible without providing the same opportunity to others. While this has not been confirmed and is widely believed to be untrue, there is some truth to it. Igbos would only share their food and property if they liked someone and wanted to express their devotion.

5. Display dominant behaviors

This may appear contradictory, but people from the country’s eastern regions typically demonstrate their love by exerting greater control over the person’s behavior or activity. This is why parents are often harsh with their children and people appear to interfere.

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