History Of Red Cap In Igbo Land – And The Meaning In Ozo

History Of Red Cap In Igbo Land – And The Meaning In Ozo – The Okpu Uvie or Okpu Ndi Ichie (Red Cap) and Akwa Ocha (White Cloth) were traditionally awarded to noblemen in Igbo. Nze Na Ozo organization (Northern Igboland)

The red denotes the fire of ágbàrà (spirit of justice), which functions beneath the great God; Chineke in Igbo religion (Odinala). It is therefore a terrified hat, and the bearer is supposed to be honest at all times (Politicians takia nu note).

Red Cap In Igbo Land
Red Cap In Igbo Land

The white fabric symbolizes purity.

Nri and Isu migration brought Nze Na Ozo rituals to Anioma (Igbo), where the Akwa Ocha and Okpu uvie preserve their originality and ancient significance.

It is important to emphasize that Anioma’s Bini impact stems only from her proximity to Bini. Here’s how it works: ancient Ndi Igbo who traveled and settled near Bini are no different from modern Ndi Igbo who relocate to Lagos or Obodo Oyibo (Mind you, ancient Bini was like the Lagos of that time).

So, while Igbo-Americans and Igbo-Lagosians may be culturally impacted by American culture to some extent, or even intermarry with White/Black Americans or local Lagosians, the fact that they are Ndi Igbo does not alter.

Historically, the Oba of Bini was so concerned about all the Igbos settling near his borders that he dispatched his princes and some cadet members of the Bini Royal court to keep the migration in control.

With the loss of Bini authority and influence, the Igbo immigrants continued the institution of kingship, but the Igbo Kings were known as Obi (till date). Obviously, they maintain features of Bini Royal court rituals, but that does not change the reality that they still accept the Nze Na Ozo title, are MOSTLY descended from Igbo settlers, reside in Igbo towns and villages, have Igbo names, and speak an Igbo dialect.

To develop an unified Igbo identity, distinct Igbo title societies’ attires were amalgamated and embraced by all Igbos. However, non-titled males should not wear an eagle feather on their cap.

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