Biography of Evangelist Bisi Alawiye Aluko (Age , Husband)

Evangelist Bisi Alawiye Aluko (JP), born on July 23rd, is a ministry vessel of honor and an Oracle of the Almighty God who has been anointed with the mandate to proclaim the year of release to the prisoners. Evangelist Dr. Bisi Alawiye-Aluko was born about 5 decades ago to Alfa Abdul-Kareem and Revered Ap. Mother Alawiye. She was born in Ilesa, Osun State, Nigeria.

Bisi Alawiye Aluko Husband
Bisi Alawiye Aluko Husband


Evangelist Bisi Alawiye, also known as Mama Akanni and Mama Shindara by different people, is a Yoruba gospel music pastor and shrewd musician whose skill in eulogizing the name of God is extensive and entrenched. She also founded Bisi Alawiye Aluko Concepts Ltd, a gospel music production company.Bisi Alawiye Aluko Age

Prophetess Bisi Alawiye attended Oranmiyan Memorial Grammar School before going on to study Accounting at Osun State College of Education, Esa-Oke. After her ravenous thirst for knowledge was quenched, a spiritually greater calling compelled her to release her debut album, Lana-komi, in 1999.


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Since then, she has not let up on her oars, becoming stronger in her mission to spread the message of Christ via song.Bisi Alawiye Aluko Biography

She has recorded several motivating songs to date, earning her respect both at home and abroad. In 2003, this vibrant, diverse, and well-traveled woman of song received a PhD in music from the esteemed Staton University in Florida, America. A shelf full of awards and a call that has spread all around the world.Bisi Alawiye Aluko

Evangelist Bisi Alawiye is blissfully married to Evangelist Aluko, her sweetheart. She put to bed in 2019, after 9 years of waiting. Birthing a child after nine years of waiting, she claims, was the fulfillment of God’s prophesy in her song “Kotodiwoyiola.”


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