Biography of Pastor Elijah Oyelade (Age , Wife)

Elijah Oyelade who was Born on September 18th, 1972 is a man driven by a deep desire to witness the truth of God’s manifestation in our days as it was in the Bible. He believes in the unleashing of God’s transforming power via preaching and singing God’s word.

Elijah Oyelade
Elijah Oyelade


Elijah Oyelade is a worship leader, preacher, teacher, and songwriter. His worship lifestyle and songs are influencing and motivating people all over the world.Elijah Oyelade Biography

In 2010, God spoke to him about a coming revival that will fly on the wings of praise. The project “Show Us Your Glory” was published after being prompted by the Holy Spirit to record and package profound worship songs as a revival and evangelistic instrument in God’s hands for the enforcement of His kingdom in the hearts of men everywhere. The endeavor is more than just songs and music; it is Kingdom enforcement and revival.Elijah Oyelade Wife


Since 1990, he has been active in rural, city, and house-to-house evangelism, as well as leading people in worship at various gatherings.Elijah Oyelade Age

His ministry is distinguished by an uncommon outpouring of God’s presence, which brings deep regeneration in the spirit of men, heals the sick, and sets the oppressed free.

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Elijah is a civil engineering graduate who is married to Olamide and has two children, Flourish and Joyous.


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