Biography of Apostle Ele Adejoh (Age , Wife)

Apostle Ele Adejoh, born on December 23rd, is a teacher, prophet, and Apostle who has been devoted to God since conception. Apostle Ele, an Ambassador of the Kingdom of Heaven, a bond slave, and an end-time soldier of Christ, was born with dreadlocks and bore the mark of God. His path to consecration, however, took a steep detour throughout his adolescence, as the Devil clearly had intentions to destroy God’s noble purpose for his life.

Apostle Ele Adejoh
Apostle Ele Adejoh

As a young adult, Apostle Ele Adejoh was enticed into a life of excess and depravity. Growing up, he joined the Nigerian army and was stationed in Lagos, near the late Afrobeats Maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti’s Afrika Shrine in the Lagos suburbs of Ojuelegba.

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Even as a soldier, Apostle Ele was a major character in the Kalakuta Republic’s moral turpitude. As a vicious street fighter and gang leader, he gained a frightening reputation. Nothing in his life at this point resembled a guy in whose life God was interested.Apostle Ele Adejoh Biography

In an incredible display of Divine Mercy and Grace, Apostle Ele Adejoh was detained one day by the General Sani Abacha Junta on the bogus allegation of assisting NADECO’s purported terrorism actions. Although he was completely innocent, the Abacha Junta sorely needed a scapegoat, and Apostle Ele Adejoh was the ideal candidate. With no prospect of release and crammed into a solitary confinement cell on the direct instructions of the infamous Colonel Frank Omenka, Apostle Ele prayed to God for mercy. The Lord, who had written this in His holy script for Ele, responded to his cry for forgiveness by revealing himself to him right there in solitary captivity. That experience would permanently alter his life.Apostle Ele Adejoh Age

Apostle Ele Adejoh is the founder and senior Pastor of the End Time Universal Mission Incorporated, which is based in Garki, Abuja. The ministry was founded with the goal of raising an end-time army for the Lord that will reconcile both the world and the church to God (2 Corinthians 5:17-20).Apostle Ele Adejoh Wife

Apostle Ele Adejoh is blissfully married to his love, Pastor Mrs. Ema Adejoh, and they have two boys, Joseph and Benjamin Adejoh. They live in Abuja, Nigeria, and undertake ministry work together.

Many people, including Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma, have benefited from Apostle Ele Adejoh’s direct and indirect mentoring.

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