40 New Month Prayer Points For Breakthrough

40 New Month Prayer Points For Breakthrough – The gift of seeing a new month is a sign from God that he still has plans for your life. Entering a new month brings with it its blessings, favors, challenges, and problems, which is why it is essential to begin a new month with prayers in order to break through in all dimensions, come what may, in all things that will happen in the new month.

One must place the new month in God’s hands and allow Him to work out your breakthrough throughout the course of the month. Engaging in warfare prayers for breakthrough for the new month is critical since each new month has its own distinct characteristics that must not be disregarded.

New Month Prayer Points For Breakthrough
New Month Prayer Points For Breakthrough

Some will be blessed in the new month, while others will meet their fate, which is why we must select the one we desire by observing breakthrough prayers to succeed in the new month.

Praying for a breakthrough in a new month allows you to put things in perspective in your life, family, and friends. Sowing breakthrough prayers into a new month is a definite method to receive the heavenly advantages that the new month has to offer. Remember, everything must be done with confidence that the all-powerful God has already answered your prayers.

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Believing on God for answers allows the answers to arrive in a more powerful way than imagined, knowing full well that God’s thoughts and ways are far superior to yours. This post included 40 new month breakthrough prayers to pray with in order to have a positive experience of God’s great action in all aspects of life in the new month.

40 New Month Prayer Points For Breakthrough :

1. Father, I thank you for your sustaining grace in allowing me to see the beginning of a new month; glory be to your name in Jesus’ name.

2. Oh Lord, wash me from any burdensome and hidden sins that would obstruct my petitions to you today, and purify me with your blood in Jesus’ name.

3. In Jesus’ name, arrange my steps and bring me to a location that will raise me into a new level in this new month.

4. In Jesus’ name, Father, guide my course by your grace to regions that will propel me to higher levels of accomplishment.

5. On the name of Jesus, Father, grant me victory over any obstacles in my path to prosperity in this new month.

6. Lord, by your kindness, assist me to reach a new level of success in all my attempts, and bless the works of my hands.

7. Father, in Jesus’ name, shed your fortune on me and everything that belongs to me in this new month.

8. Lord, grant me divine development in all that I accomplish this month, and grant me no setbacks in Jesus’ name.

9. In Jesus’ name, Father, I kill every territorial demon that seeks to prevent the works of the hands from manifesting in this new month.

10. Oh Lord, I defeat every wicked force that seeks to derail my breakthrough in this new month, and I sanctify it by the power of the Holy Spirit in Jesus’ name.

11. Father, may this new month provide me new opportunity to break through financially in Jesus’ name.

12. In Jesus’ name, Father, I receive life-changing thoughts that will lead to my change in the new month.

13. In the powerful name of Jesus, I claim divine and delightful surprises that will uplift me in all aspects of my life.

14. Oh Lord, I will not work for the benefit of others; instead, I will get double accolades in all undertakings in Jesus’ name.

15. In the powerful name of Jesus, I pronounce and announce that everything in this new month is working for my welfare.

16. In Jesus’ name, Father, I receive a change of status and an enormous quantity of favor in the new month.

17. In Jesus’ name, Father, whatever I touch and do this month will turn to gold for breakthrough in all implications for me and my family.

18. Oh Lord, in the majestic name of Jesus, my divine portion for this month will not be cut short by the powers of darkness. In Jesus’ name, I shall be amazed by miracles.

19. In Jesus’ name, Father, shower plenty on all my doings and undertakings this month for optimum success.

20. Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name, empower me for greatness and adorn my life with favor this month.

21. In Jesus’ name, Father, this month I decree fresh grounds for grandeur, I remain tiny, or I sing ancient melodies of triumph.

22. Lord, I cover myself, my family, and my career in Jesus’ blood; no magic or incantation will operate in my life or the lives of my loved ones this month, in the powerful name of Jesus.

23. Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, I am enabled by the spirit of God to control and rule over all my territory; I will not be replaced.

24. Father, fill this new month with your presence as I walk in your consciousness in the name of Jesus.

25. In the name of Jesus, I canceled and destroyed all types of delays and denials this month.

26. Father, in the name of Jesus, your mercy and grace will speak for me where it matters for my breakthrough this month.

27. Lord, for maximum breakthrough this month, grant me the grace to walk by revelation of your word rather than assumption, in Jesus’ name.

28. This month, nothing will perish in my hands, but I will experience an increase on all levels in the name of Jesus.

29. Father, in the majestic name of Jesus, open every door of opportunity that has been closed to me in the preceding month.

30. In the name of Jesus, I reject and cast down every proclamation of failure this month, Oh Lord.

31. Father, in the name of Jesus, procedure will be broken for my breakthrough this month for divine boosting.

32. Lord, visit me and my family with the desired assistance for breakthrough in Jesus’ name, enjoying all-around glory in everything in Jesus’ name.

33. Father, grant me grace to connect with individuals who matter this month, and make me relevant among Kings and Queens in Jesus’ name.

34. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I reject all types of constraints and impediments on the verge of breakthrough; in Jesus’ name, I go beyond the ordinary bounds.

35. Father, in Jesus’ name, I obtain heavenly assistance to attain my heart wishes this month, and I acquire speed in whatever I do this month.

36. In the magnificent name of Jesus, I claim and receive wonderful bargains that will revolutionize my life, family, career, and company, propelling us to a higher level of glory.

37. Lord, I shall be recognized, and triumph will be mine on all sides in this new month, in Jesus’ name.

38. Father, in the name of Jesus, I cast and bind every spirit of poverty or debt from my life this month, and I will live in divine wealth throughout the month.

39. Lord, I will live this month to fulfill your plans and purposes for my life; fruitfulness is my portion, in Jesus’ name.

40. Thank you, Lord, for answered prayers; in Jesus’ name, my life will be a conduit for supernatural marvels.

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