40 Best Birthday Prayer Points For Pastor’s Wife

40 Best Birthday Prayer Points For Pastor’s Wife – Who can locate a good woman? Her value exceeds that of rubies. Her husband’s heart is secure in her, and he will not need to be spoiled. She will do him good rather than evil for the rest of her life. She seeks wool and flax and works eagerly with her hands. She is like a merchant ship, bringing her food from afar. She likewise riseth when it is yet dark, and gives meal to her family and a share to her maidens.

Birthday Prayer Points For Pastor’s Wife
Birthday Prayer Points For Pastor’s Wife


Celebrating your pastor’s wife’s birthday should contain more than just good wishes; it should also include strong birthday prayers for her, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 40 birthday prayers for the pastor’s wife.

The sacrificial lives they live, the adequate time and attention they don’t get from their husbands, and their sacrificial giving in terms of money, efforts, and intercession is surely worth more than wishes, they need prayers so they don’t become weak, they need prayers so their strength can be renewed, and they need prayers so they don’t lose focus on heaven.


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As you pray these strong birthday prayers for your pastor’s wife, may all she requires for life and godliness be abundantly granted to her in Jesus’ tremendous name.

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40 Best Birthday Prayer Points For Pastor’s Wife :

1. Happy Birthday, Mummy. I thank the Lord for saving you to witness another new year. All praise to God in Jesus name. I pray that this new year brings you joy, peace, and eternal love.

2. Mummy, happy birthday. In Jesus’ name, I hope that this day marks the beginning of new things in your life and family.

3. Happy birthday, Mummy. I hope that the Lord would refresh your strength on a daily basis so that you will never be weak or weary in Jesus’ name.

4. Mummy, happy birthday. In Jesus’ name, I pray that all the wicked programming done against your life from the pit of hell fails immediately.

5. Mummy, may the Lord send you a wonderful present that you will never forget in Jesus’ name on this important day of your existence.

6. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, you will genuinely rejoice in the Lord this day, and all your troubles and pains will be over. Ma, happy birthday.

7. In this new season of your life, mom, every heart desire will be abundantly satisfied. Mummy, I wish you a very happy special birthday.

8. Your efforts on behalf of the church have been noticed; I trust that your labor of love will be repaid both on here and in heaven, in Jesus’ name.

9. Everything you need to be joyful in this new season will be provided for you by the Lord in Jesus. Happy birthday, dear mommy!

10. You have been a genuine mother to many people all across the world; I pray today that you will never be without God’s presence, and that you will always provide sound advice in Jesus’ name.

11. Happy birthday, mother. I pray that you are secure in the Lord and that nothing can dislodge you from your home in Jesus’ name.

12. I pray that this day will be a watershed moment in your life because of the benefits and miracles the Lord will shower on you, and that your efforts will be amply repaid in Jesus’ name.

13. Happy birthday, Mummy, and may the Lord take away all your tears and give you double joy and peace in Jesus’ name.

14. In Jesus’ tremendous name, may the Lord fill your heart with overwhelming peace and joy for the immense peace and joy that you have brought to our Pastor’s heart and to the church, may all your anxieties go away, and may all your suffering turn to jubilation. Ma, happy birthday.

15. As you have poured out your love for us fully, I hope that the Lord may pour out tremendous pleasure and peace upon you in such abundance in Jesus’ magnificent name. Mama, happy birthday.

16. Truly, the price of a virtuous woman is far beyond rubies; you are priceless to us and the world at large. May the Lord shower you with His compassion and mercy, and may His love be obvious in your life, in Jesus’ name.

17. On this day, we ask that God’s angels be appointed to preserve and defend you from the scourge of the tongue. In Jesus’ name, there will be no more sorrows for you.

18. Mama, I pray that you will live long enough to experience all of the advantages that God has in store for you, and that you will never miss the days of children’s celebration in Jesus’ name. Mama, happy birthday.

Ma, happy birthday! I pray today that every attack on your life is erased by the blood of Jesus Christ, and that you will live long enough to continue mothering this assembly in Jesus’ name.

20. Oh woman of great knowledge!, the Lord has given you tremendous qualities that the ladies of the world can learn from; may the Lord bless and multiply you above your desires in this season, in Jesus name.

21. On this wonderful day, mama, we pray for God’s peace to penetrate your inner being and make you fulfilled in all areas, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Happy Birthday ma.

22. Mummy, you will no longer cry; the grief of the past will never return to you; and, as the Bible promises, anguish will not return to you a second time in Jesus’ name. Ma, happy birthday.

23. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pray that the lines fall for you in lovely places, Happy Birthday Ma.

24. You will always have causes to rejoice and scream for pleasure in Jesus’ magnificent name throughout this season of your life, Mummy. Our Pastor’s Queen, happy birthday!

25. This day will bring the manifestation of all your prayer points, as well as the strength and grace to stay in Christ’s vineyard, in Jesus’ name. Ma, happy birthday!

26. We will not cry over you, God’s lady; I pronounce that those who wish you dead will perish before you, in Jesus’ name.

27. Happy birthday, Mummy, we pray for you today that you will not fail, that all the destiny Helpers that God has designed for you will arrive to provide you assistance, and that your joy would be abundant in this season in Jesus great name.

28. Mother of wonderful women, we pray for you today that you will continue to speak of God’s marvels in your house, and that there will always be celebrations in your home, in Jesus’ name.

29. Happy birthday, mama; we hope that your grace will not lessen, and that in this new season of your life, you will collect wealth from far and near in the magnificent name of Jesus Christ.

30. In Jesus’ name, you will never feel want or poverty in this new season of your life, but you will always have more than enough in all areas. Ma, happy birthday.

Mummy, happy birthday! We pray today that everything you put your hands on prospers and that nothing dies in your hands, in the awesome name of Jesus Christ.

32. Mummy, happy birthday! In the powerful name of our Lord Jesus, may the Lord carry you to the next season of your ministry, and you will never know a finer yesterday in your life.

33. Mummy, you have blessed hundreds of people all around the world; may your benefits in return be more than you could have imagined, in Jesus’ name.

34. I demolish every altar of evil that has promised to break God’s peace in your marriage; their plans will collapse fast in the great name of Jesus.

35. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I pronounce that wealth will find you from the east, west, north, and south. Mummy, happy birthday!

36. I pray for you, ma, that you will not be sad in your old age and that you will be able to watch the cheerful festivities of your children’s children in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, Happy Birthday Mummy.

37. In the tremendous name of Jesus Christ, I pray that your spiritual strength never dwindles, but rather that it be renewed everyday.

38. Happy birthday, sweet mama! I pray for you today that the particular obstacle, pain, or sadness that would cause you to blame God never befall you in the strong name of Jesus Christ.

39. Mummy, happy birthday. I hope today that your joy would know no boundaries at this season, and that everything you have ever desired from God will be abundantly granted to you in Jesus’ holy name.

Precious Mummy! 40. Happy Birthday, we hope that all your heart wants in this season come true quickly and that you always have reasons to praise God in Jesus name.


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