40 Powerful Midnight Prayers Points

40 Powerful Midnight Prayers Points – The midnight prayer is one of the most significant prayers a believer may recite in order to confront and conquer life’s challenges. The majority of wicked and demonic actions and operations take place at night.

Christians’ adversaries primarily assault them at night, implying that we, as Christians, must learn to battle with Jacob at night in order to achieve our destiny.

Midnight Prayers Points
Midnight Prayers Points


Because of enemies: An adversary can simply be defined as someone, a force, or a demonic creature who is at odds with us for any reason.


An adversary might be either physical or spiritual.

Because adversaries usually attack those who have a large deposit of qualities in them, Christians should be aware that the devil and his minions will attack us because we are laden with heavenly virtues.

40 Powerful Prayer Points Against Serpentine Spirit

Unjust foes are opponents who fight someone for the wrong cause. Enemies are everywhere, and as Christians, we should understand that this world is a battleground, with the devil as our number one adversary. The devil is trying everything he can to destroy all Christians, thus a nighttime prayer is unavoidable.

As we all know, Jesus Christ has given us victory over and over again.

John 16:33 “I’ve told you everything so you may have comfort in me.” You will face many challenges and tribulations on Earth. But don’t worry; I’ve defeated the world.”

With this in mind, we should rejoice, but we must still claim and confirm our victory by praying to God in the night against all foes, powers, and wickedness.

40 Powerful Midnight Prayers Points :

1. Oh Lord, in your might and power, arise and battle against those who oppose my life and destiny, in Jesus’ name.

2. Oh Lord, awaken today and fight and win every battle in my life, marriage, job, family, and ministry in Jesus’ name.

3. In Jesus’ name, Father, make me triumphant against every unjust and evil foe battling for my destiny.

4. In Jesus’ name, send the spirit of chaos into the camp and home of my foes.

5. In Jesus’ name, expose and humiliate all the evil enemies of my life, career, business, family, marriage, and ministry.

6. In Jesus’ name, Father, send your Angels to battle for me and vanquish all my adversaries.

7. In Jesus’ name, Father, send your Angels into the camp of your unjust foes to disperse their plans, battle, and destroy them.

8. In Jesus’ name, arrest and vanquish every adversary scheming wicked plots against my life, business, family, academics, profession, marriage, and ministry.

9. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, may every wicked and evil scheme of the wicked backfire on them.

10. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant me a victory and celebration witness over every opponent of my life, destiny, career, future, company, family, marriage, and ministry.

11. In Jesus’ name, my Father, in your compassion, rescue and defend me from every great opponent of my destiny, job, company, family, marriage, and ministry.

12. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, quiet every wicked mouth that rises and speaks against my progress and expansion.

13. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, in your wrath, strike down all foes who repay my good acts and efforts with bad deeds.

14. But I cried for them when they were sick. I fasted for them and denied myself, yet my prayers went unanswered.

15. In Jesus’ name, expose and dishonor any enemy who mocks my sufferings and afflictions.

16. In Jesus’ name, expose and disperse by fire any assembly of the demonic adversaries of my destiny.

17. In Jesus’ name, my Father, defend and free me from the ridicule of my foes.

18. In Jesus’ name, grant me a victory witness that will astound and astonish my opponents.

19. In Jesus’ name, my Father, help and shield me from the evil onslaught of my foes.

20. Oh Lord, construct and strengthen your wall of protection around me against all foes battling against me in Jesus’ name.

21. In Jesus’ name, God, grant me the witness to worship you.

22. God, make me triumphant and provide me joy through your praise in Jesus’ name.

23. In Jesus’ name, Father, disclose to me every friendly adversary in my life’s region.

24. God, reveal and demolish all of the enemy’s efforts to exult over me in Jesus’ name.

25. In Jesus’ name, Father, quiet every demonic mouth that speaks harm into my life and destiny.

26. In Jesus’ name, God, dishonor and render worthless any malicious intentions against my peace.

27. Oh Lord, speak into every situation in my life and allow your great voice change my life and destiny in Jesus’ name.

28. My Father, do not remain silent in my situation; arise in your might and speak loudly into my life, business, career, family, marriage, and ministry in Jesus’ name.

29. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise and fight my battles for me.

30. Fight for me, Father, in your might, and announce my triumph in Jesus’ name.

31. In Jesus’ name, send the spirit of failure into the camp of all my foes, and let them fail in their nefarious designs against me.

32. Don’t make my adversaries laugh at my misfortune.

33. In Jesus’ name, expose and shame every evil adversary in my life.

34. In Jesus’ name, take away all adversaries’ glory and pride and replace them with humiliation and contempt.

35. In Jesus’ name, Father, bless me and my home with your blessings and peace of mind.

36. In Jesus’ name, fill my life, work, business, family, marriage, and ministry with your joy, blessings, and serenity.

37. In Jesus’ name, my Father, bless me and grant me victory songs over all my obstinate foes.

38. In Jesus’ name, Father, construct a wall of protection around me to shield me from all adversaries’ attacks.

39. God, from now on, deliver my life, career, business, family, marriage, and ministry from the hands of the wicked and unjust enemy, in Jesus’ name.

40. In Jesus’ name, Father, let your great hand of authority rule over all of my concerns and endeavors.


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