35 Prayer Points For Those Who Have Lost Hope

35 Prayer Points For Those Who Have Lost Hope – Are you on the edge of losing faith in God, or are you on the verge of giving up on life? These are prayers for you. The fact that you found this post while perusing the internet is confirmation that God has something big and pleasant in store for you in this season, so don’t give up.

You may have tried your hardest to achieve in a certain field but it didn’t work, or you may have been writing one certain test repeatedly with no good results, or you may have even been believing God for a long time and it’s not forthcoming, so you’re asking, what’s there to hope for?

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, I promise you that you still have a bright future ahead of you, remembering that “a living dog is better than a dead lion” Ecclesiastes 9:4 and that the fact that you are alive and sane enough to read this post is something you should thank God for.

Prayer Points For Those Who Have Lost Hope
Prayer Points For Those Who Have Lost Hope

Of course, as humans, we grow fatigued and almost lose trust in God as we face many temptations, difficulties, and obstacles, yet scripture says, “Knowing this, that the testing of your faith worketh patience.” But let patience do her perfect job, so that you may be full and complete, lacking nothing” (James 1:3-4)

The difficulties you have faced are intended to hone a crucial fruit of the spirit known as patience.

Patience will enable you to wait exclusively on God for the manifestation of God’s original plan for your life, rather than only your own heart wants.

Remember what Hebrews 6:12 says: “And we wish that everyone of you display the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that ye be not slothful, but followers of them who inherit the promises by faith and patience.”

This indicates that you should not abandon your hope in Christ, but rather keep it alive to the end, and continue to follow the examples of those who, by faith and patience, received the promises God provided to them. Has God made you any promises about your heart’s desires? If so, let these promises sustain you; think on them regularly, remind God of them via prayers on a daily basis, and keep hoping and waiting for God will undoubtedly fulfill His Word.

Although David was appointed king (1 Samuel 16:1-13), he did not become king for a long time, and even though Saul battled hard against him and was intent to murder him, God nonetheless safeguarded and preserved David for the throne.

More interesting was the part where David had the opportunity to kill Saul (1 Samuel 24), but he didn’t take advantage of it because he recognized that Saul was also God’s anointed, and David didn’t want to work his way to the throne by killing an anointed one, so he waited for the God who anointed him to vindicate him and enthrone him king by Himself. Saul eventually murdered himself (1 Samuel 31), and David ascended to the throne of Israel.

So, while your journey to your chosen destination may appear long, I guarantee you that if you are patient and keep your faith in God alive, you will eventually arrive. So, while you recite these 35 prayers for the revival of your faith in God, let your hope come alive.

Prayer Points For Those Who Have Lost Hope :

1. Oh Lord, I thank you for nothing being difficult for you, and I thank you for being able to restore my hope; blessed be your Righteous name.

2. Lord, I thank you because I now understand that the challenge of my faith is intended to hone the virtue of patience in me; all praise goes to you.

3. Father, I thank you for remembering me; I am not here by accident; you have a plan for me; be praised, Lord.

4. Father, I thank you for your thoughts for me, which will lead me to an expected conclusion; glory to you, my precious redeemer.

5. Lord, I thank you for keeping me alive till now to learn more about your love and grace; all glory to you, Lord.

6. Lord, I thank you that you are not a high priest who is unconcerned about our afflictions, but that you are with me even in all that I am going through, blessed be your name.

7. Lord, I thank you for keeping me safe in the face of the enemy’s arrows; all praise goes to you, Lord.

8. Father, I am glad for the particular purpose you have for my life; thank you for the devil will not be able to derail my mission on earth; blessed be your name, Lord.

9. Lord, I thank you for everything that is happening to me will undoubtedly work out for my benefit in the end. Be glorified, glorious redeemer.

10. Lord, I thank you most of all for restoring my faith in you; now I may live cheerfully and joyfully, blessed be your Holy Name.

11. Father, I beg your mercy in all ways; I have believed the devil’s lies that you are unconcerned about me; please forgive me and show me your mercy.

12. In every manner, I have prioritized my difficulties over your Word; please forgive me, Lord.

13. Father, I have joined the wrong people to talk against your Name in every manner; grant me mercy, Lord.

14. Lord, I have doubted your promises for my life in every manner; please show me your kindness.

15. Father, please let your mercy speak for me in every manner I have sinned and fallen short of your glory, especially via my words and thoughts.

16. In the great name of Jesus Christ, Father, please revitalize my prayer and bible study life.

17. Lord, enable me to love you anew and to serve you totally in the powerful name of Jesus Christ.

18. In the great name of Jesus Christ, Father, please lift me out of the pit of sadness and assist me to stand on your firm rock.

19. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, help me to let go of every wicked notion of suicide and fill my heart with your love.

20. Lord, please renew my passion for the assembly of the brethren so that I might join people who love you in worshiping you in spirit and truth in Jesus’ name.

21. In the great name of Jesus, Father, help me in this season to remain fast on your promises without looking back.

22. Help me to be so firmly entrenched in your Word that even when life’s difficulties come against me, I will remain steadfast in you, in Jesus’ name.

23. Oh Lord, I rededicate my life and everything to you; please use me as you see fit and let my life bring you glory, in Jesus’ powerful name.

24. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, may my daily existence bring you respect and praise.

25. Father, I also beg that you satisfy me with your mercies early in order for me to rejoice all the days of my life in the magnificent name of Jesus Christ.

26. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, may all your promises for my life be fulfilled quickly.

27. In the great name of Jesus Christ, let everything my heart wants come true quickly this season.

28. In the magnificent name of Jesus Christ, please send me assistance to hoist me and transport me to the throne you have prepared for me.

29. Lord, let every destiny lifter you have appointed for me hasten to help me now in the great name of Jesus Christ.

30. Every bad Saul in my life who is opposing God’s promises for me, Lord by your own self, remove them from my path in the great name of Jesus Christ.

31. In the great name of Jesus Christ, let their wicked schemes against me come to fruition as soon as possible.

32. In the powerful name of The Lord, let everything in creation begin to work against them.

33. In the great name of Jesus Christ, let them work out their own doom.

34. Give me wisdom, Lord, to live my life to please you now and when your plan for my life becomes a reality in the great name of Jesus Christ.

35. Father, thank you for listening and answering my prayers.

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