20 Best Confessions To Pray Before Paying Your Tithe

20 Best Confessions To Pray Before Paying Your Tithe – Do you consistently tithe in your local assembly? If you answered yes, you should read these 20 confessions to pray before paying your tithing.

True, the Bible instructs us to bring all tithes to Him, and He also promised us Blessings such as rebuking devourers for our sakes, directing his blessings upon our storehouses, and so on. As soon as you pay your tithing, you will get these blessings.

Confessions To Pray Before Paying Your Tithe
Confessions To Pray Before Paying Your Tithe

However, before you pay your tithing, you should pray some confession prayers to remind the Lord of His promises to you. Confessions and prayers allow you to precisely ask God for what you want and how you want it in terms of finances.

For example, even if Malachi 3 guarantees us that the Lord would reprimand devourers for our cause, you may state the area of your finances where the devourers are truly operating, demand the devourers to leave your finance, and you shall receive whatever you say via confession prayers.

This is merely obeying the scripture (Matthew 7:7) that states, “Ask, and it will be given to you.”

Beyond that, you may link your heart desires to specific scriptures and pronounce them into existence, as the Bible states in Job 22:28, “Thou shall decree a thing, and it shall be established.”

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For example, since the Bible says in Isaiah 61:7, “for your shame you shall receive double,” you may need to beg God to double your finances so that the next time you pay, it will be twice.

20 Best Confessions To Pray Before Paying Your Tithe :

Overall, praying confessions before tithing helps to lay your financial expectations before God.

1. Oh Lord, I thank you for your divine care for my life and family, and for assisting me in having a consistent source of income; all praise belongs to you, Savior, in Jesus’ powerful name.

2. Daddy I thank you for guiding me and my family through life’s hardships, and for allowing us to remain financially secure through your kindness; all praise belongs to you in Jesus’ name.

3. Lord, I thank you for your Word, which promises me growth and blessings from all sides; blessed be your lovely name in Jesus’ name.

4. father I thank you for your divinely manifested benefits on my family; to you be all praise, honor, adoration, and worship, Jesus.

5. Father, please forgive me and show me your kindness in all the ways I have sinned and gone against your word in my actions and fantasies.

6. Lord, I have not been regular in paying my tithe in the past; please forgive me and cleanse me by your blood in Jesus’ name.

7. Glory King I pray that you would have mercy on all of my works this season, and that they will bring me tremendous increase and wealth on all sides, in Jesus’ name.

8. Father, in Jesus’ name, I beg that you pour out your blessings on the works of my hands in such a large quantity that they will astound me, as you have promised in your Word.

9. Lord, as I obey your Word and have decided to give you my entire tithe, please open every door of kindness that has been closed against me, my husband, and our children immediately and quickly in the great name of Jesus Christ.

10. I direct any devourer attempting to afflict my business to be destroyed by fire and thunder, since the Lord declared He would reprimand the devourer for my sake, and I decree no devourer is permitted near me in Jesus name.

11. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I emerge out of every financial trouble that the adversary has trapped me and my business in, and we will no longer experience poverty and loss.

12. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I demand that every good item that the adversary has stolen from my business be restored tenfold, and I pronounce that there will be no more loss in my business.

13. In this season, my finances will no longer rise and fall; instead, I command stability and growth in Jesus’ great name.

14. In the majestic name of Jesus Christ, Father, please lead my feet to a location of more richness, greater serenity, and all-around delight.

15. Lord, please bring my business to the attention of kings and nobles of the earth so that I may advance to the next level of business in Jesus’ great name.

16. In Jesus’ name, Father, please give me amazing ideas that will help me move my business and profession to the next level.

17. Oh Lord, show me your benefits in my life and assist me to utilize them to support evangelical missions and other kingdom efforts in Jesus’ name.

18. In Jesus’ name, Father, please grant me grace and strength to excel in my chosen field of employment and business lines.

19. I cancel every trap that my business rivals have set for me; their schemes will not stand and will not come to pass in Jesus’ great name.

20. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayers.

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