Top 20 Reasons Why Nigerians write the IELTS exams

Top 20 Reasons Why Nigerians write the IELTS exams – Why are Nigerians need to take IELTS examinations despite the fact that they live in an English-speaking country?

Top 20 Reasons Why Nigerians write the IELTS exams :

Over time, it has been clear that the primary motivation for making the IELTS mandatory for Nigerians is primarily pecuniary, rather than the advertised test for language proficiency.

Why Nigerians write the IELTS exams
Why Nigerians write the IELTS exams


Nigeria, with English as its official language and as a member of the Commonwealth, should not have been had to take IELTS before working or studying in countries such as Canada and the United Kingdom.


To add insult to injury, the prices are exorbitant at N89,500, and the test is only valid for two years. However, the DELF, the French equivalent of the IELTS, costs only N16,000 and is valid for life.

This strikes me as an attempt to undermine the Nigerian educational system. Schools in our area teach English from Kindergarten to University level, so why should we spend a substantial price to write a test to demonstrate our ability to converse in English?

Even individuals who studied English or Literature at the graduate level at Nigerian universities are needed to take the test if they intend to continue their studies overseas.

Nigeria is perhaps one of the few nations where a visitor or foreigner would have communication problems, since there is no area, even in the most distant villages, where you will not find individuals who speak English.

Yes, we have accents and everything, but telling you what we mean and comprehending what you’re saying isn’t difficult for the typical Nigerian.

We adore our own tongues. We are more at ease speaking in our native languages, but it is almost miraculous to observe the typical Nigerian transition to English simply to please his or her co-communicator in simple and perfect English.

Some of us believe that even native speakers would struggle to pass the test, since there are many Nigerians who speak far better English than their compatriots.

The criteria is unjust to English-speaking nations like Nigeria, and it should be abandoned or modified as soon as possible.


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