What happened To Apostle Arome Osayi face

What happened To Apostle Arome Osayi face – I Was Born With Facial Palsy, Half of My Face Is Paralyzed, and I’ve Never Closed My Eyes Since Birth – Apostle Arome Osayi

When it comes to the pure Word of God, Apostle Arome is a man of great inspiration, with the capacity to properly impart God’s advice to the people. He is working to resurrect apostolic Christianity. He formed the Remnant Christian Network (RCN), which has its headquarters in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria, with branches all over the world.

What happened To Apostle Arome Osayi face
What happened To Apostle Arome Osayi face


He is also the Festival of Glory Crusade’s Convener. Apostle Arome is married to his wonderful wife, Mrs Dinna Osayi, and they have two children.
Recounting his life story and how God picked him (Apostle Arome Osayi) for these great achievements in ministry despite his flaws and disabilities is motivational, encouraging, and life-changing.


My mother had finished conceiving at the time I was born, therefore I was born with a stutter. She was in nursing school, there was no need for a kid, and then a young man appeared.

The young man was crystallized and born in the ‘wrong’ period. My mother was ill at the time of my arrival, so I had to be admitted to the hospital with her, not because I was unwell, but because it was the only way I could obtain breast milk.

Born with facial palsy, half of my face is immobile, and I’ve never closed my eyes since birth. If you look at me, the prognosis is not good. But it happened as I grew older, and I remember when I was five years old, there were demons hunting for me. They never missed an opportunity to pay a visitation.
At the age of seven, I surrendered my life to Christ and was baptized in the Holy Spirit. We spoke in tongues while the language of tongues was still developing. It came to happen that God made an investment that not even my mother sensed.

God placed something, but the issue is how? It’s always a puzzle. The guy whom God chooses for a deposit is a mystery. You don’t look the part, and you’re not qualified, yet the Lord decides to put His Spirit in you. It is always remarkable how long it takes for an investment to grow.

One thing I was certain of was that the investment I got compelled me to read the Bible. I used to study with a lamp, I can study all night, I can study the Bible for thirty nights. I switched back and forth. My mother snuck into my room one day and began weeping when she saw me because she thought I was going insane. She stated that this is not how most people study the Bible. She had no idea it was the tug of an investment, attempting to rebuild, rewire, and regalvanise the vessel to contain something in God.

I stopped studying at night when I was at home so my mother wouldn’t weep. My mother and father were watching me; they would see me and whisper, and as a result, I became an underground preacher. I preached for eight years, driving out devils, and my family had no idea. I was given the ability to treat the ill by the Lord, yet when I encounter sick people at home, I tell them they need aspirin.

It transpired. I invited my mother to join us for Bible study. She arrived, I prayed, preached, and prophesied. My mother couldn’t understand what she saw as I came out.

Since then, I’ve been my mother’s favorite son. She informed me that I had extended her life. How God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with authority, and how he set about conducting charitable actions.

Many people may have dismissed your cause, and many others may have declared that this individual is worthless. If God does not intervene, this will be the case. The possibilities, the consequences change if there is a deposit in you, if there is an implant from divinity, an investment from God.

How God bestowed the Holy Spirit on Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
Several individuals come to Church and leave as soon as they touch anything from God, when what you should have asked yourself is… Is this the best God has to offer?
I serve Jesus, and I’ve broken free from the burden of stammering. When He phoned me, He didn’t make a mistake. My mother saw me that day, strong in speech, despite the fact that I was a recognized stutter. How come we did not attend the top school?
Today’s deposit has arrived!
God will make a financial investment in your vessel!
It makes no difference how the container appears; when the investment enters your life, your options alter, and it makes no difference whether you went to school or studied in Oxford.

Request an investment from God. My prospects altered as a result of an investment, as did my outcome.
Request that God invest His grace in you.
It makes no difference what your family’s or village’s name is, or the things that have been attributed to you in the past, or what men think of you. If God can make an investment, then all men can be lions, and only God can be trusted. Although I was born nude, I was not born empty.”

We had tested her grace, she didn’t use to prophesy everyday, but if she fell under power for like twenty minutes, when she rose up, she came with a prophetic word, and that day it was me she prophesied about.

She saw my destiny’s future glory and spoke about it, but in addition to what she saw, she stated a lady from the water would be sent against you Haha.
She stated, if you survive this person, this beautiful ministry will come to pass; I forgot about the prophesy, but Satan did not; he waited for twelve years Ahhhhh

In the last twelve years, I’ve grown in popularity, I’m a champion in my own cocoon, I was recognized for the anointing, I was renowned for vocal strength…..
And then I was transferred from my office to Lagos; a revival was brewing in Benue State, and I was sent to Lagos; I was furious with God………..
The damsel did not come to Benue, where there is a renaissance, haeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
After twelve years of waiting, the damsel appeared…..

This woman moves with a center fugal and a central petal force.
Some of my brothers know what I’m talking about; you know about the central petal force, but you don’t know about the combination of central petal and central fugal force.
If she draws close to you, your chemistry will alter, and your pure mind, your righteous mind, will be snatched from you.
That is then you will see a prophet who summons fire from heaven cryyy.
It’s enough, let me die………..

Those were the days when I would knell down to pray and it seemed as though my prayers were going nowhere.
When that lady arrived with central fugal force, she followed me home.
The energy not only causes lust, but it also takes away my ability to pray………..
I will not emphasize that I am not a loose preacher.
Today you are praying for pleasure in sports, but there will come a moment when you will be praying for survival…… You will cry out, “I am not better than my fathers,” as Elijah did.
You’re praying for competitiveness today, but my prayer was in Arabic.
It was a trial run for my statue.

And the test lasted 9 months, and it was at this time that I discovered the angel’s bread, for which I have come to testify.


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