Top 70+ Ways to Make Money in Nigeria (Online and Offline)

Top 70+ Ways to Make Money in Nigeria (Online and Offline) – When it comes to earning more money, one of the most discussed issues is how to make money faster. The fact is that actual money may be made both online and offline.

Ways to Make Money in Nigeria
Ways to Make Money in Nigeria


In this post, we will show you 50+ legitimate ways to generate money in Nigeria, both online and offline. They are as follows:

1. Create a Blog

If you truly want to generate money, you should create a blog or website.


Before you start a blog, you need to choose a niche, which is the type of market you want to target. You may characterize the blog using your name. Then you must choose the ideal blogging platform to begin constructing your own blog. There are several platforms to choose from, and then you acquire blog hosting and a domain that will be accessible online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

2. Writing for a Living

If you’re a writer, freelance writing is a terrific method to generate money by creating interesting, helpful, and dependable material that satisfies demand or captures the reader’s attention.

Given the huge demand for writing works, it is conceivable to see writers earning more once you have established yourself as a skilled writer.

3. Design of Graphics

You may make a lot of money from online graphic design if you are a designer who can produce graphics, logos, or design websites and have undergone training in this area.

There are several firms searching for graphic designers to assist them with their branding and packaging.

4. Proofreading Online

If you enjoy writing and grammar, proofreading could be for you. Many blogs and newspapers are actively seeking proofreaders to assist them enhance and improve the quality of their material.

5. Begin a Home Daycare

If you like being around children, you may open a home daycare to care for newborns and toddlers. This can be a lot of effort, but if you have the correct setup and know what you’re doing, it can be a superior method to make money.

6. Open a Salon

A salon where both male and female clientele could be served would be a highly profitable business endeavor. Given the amount of individuals who need to appear well for various activities or occasions, it may be a lucrative business.

7. Learn to Trade

One of the most discussed methods of making money is buying and selling, which entails trading products and services for a monetary payment.

One might earn a living by engaging in a certain sector of commerce in order to fulfill the desires of the consumers.

8. Investing in the Stock Exchange

Investing is a method of putting money away and letting it work for you so that you might profit in the future.

Various studies have proven that equities provide larger investment returns than other assets over lengthy periods of time. Capital gains and dividends generate stock returns.

9. Turn become a Landlord

Owning and renting out your own home is an excellent way to make money. You get to be your own boss, needing to collect rentals at the end of each month or yearly or two years in advance depending on the sort of arrangement you have with your renters.

10. Event Organization

A high-quality setup is required for a variety of unique events such as celebrations, education, commemorations, and promotions, which would necessitate the services of an event planner.

11. Taxi Company

Given the quantity of individuals who need to travel elsewhere for personal reasons, transportation is a huge challenge.

One might enter the transportation industry by renting a cab and offering to drive passengers to their destinations.

12. Writing a Program

You may make a lot of money by developing programs to tackle specific problems; there is a great need for skilled program writers who can test and debug flaws in the system in order for the system to work properly.

13. Photography

People usually want to maintain memories of significant events and this is primarily done through images, thus getting into photography may be a great basis for generating money.

You will need a personal camera and other equipment to make the work easier to complete.

14. Production of Liquid Soap

It starts with washing your hands and progresses to washing your dishes, clothing, and finally bathing.

Making liquid soap is a successful company that takes minimal money and also follows proper procedures in order to fulfill the demands of the users.

To manufacture quality liquid soap, the chemicals involved must be supplied in the proper proportions, and the procedure must be rigorously followed.

15. Decoration & Interior Design

Interior design is studying human behavior in order to develop useful areas within a building. The equipping of space with lovely items is referred to as decorating.

Becoming an interior designer requires project planning, research, coordination, and management.

16. Taking an Online Survey and Sharing Your Thoughts

There are several firms that will pay to have your opinion. It is a quick and simple process that may potentially earn you money.

These alternatives will not necessarily make you wealthy, but they will provide you with monthly spending money for basic things that you like in your spare time.

17. Affiliate Promotion

Affiliate marketing is a scenario in which an online shop pays you a commission on sales earned by your recommendations.

Becoming an affiliate marketer will allow you to earn money by suggesting or advertising a product or service to your followers via your personal website.

18. Creating music

People like listening to music, and it also helps to strengthen the body and calm the mind from tension or concern.

Making music might also help you earn money if you are talented at creating beautiful melodies.

19. Selling Designs

You may start by creating and selling your own designs to companies that need logos and branding.

They are many firms searching for designs to assist sell their new items and also to differentiate their products from other rivals in the same area of industry.

20. Cleaning the house

House cleaning, which entails cleaning the interior of a structure, is one way to make money.

It is easier and faster to generate money from house cleaning on a daily basis by offering a low-cost service and ensuring that the task is completed to the greatest possible standard.

21. Course Paper and Abstract Writing Services

This entails creating course papers and abstracts for students, businesses, and users who desire them; this will greatly assist in generating income for the writer who will be involved in the process.

Course paper writing is in high demand, and any technical writer who understands how to suit his or her client’s expectations will make a lot of money.

22. Train to be a Personal Trainer

If you enjoy fitness and are interested in encouraging and motivating others to exercise, you might work as a personal trainer and earn money.

Many personal trainers utilize their houses as training spaces, but you may also provide home service, in which you travel to the client’s home and offer to coach them.

23. Assistant in the Laboratory

If you are interested in science and its experimental and exploratory processes, you can work as a laboratory assistant.

You might take part in testing and discovering new things in the field of research, which could lead to firsthand experience from experts.

24. Amazon is now selling used textbooks.

Have you got any old books, textbooks, or notes?

Then you may think about selling them on Amazon. It’s simple to make a list of the goods you want to sell, and you’d be astonished at how much money you can make selling old stuff online.

25. Offering Courier Service

Companies frequently want storage, warehouse logistics solutions, and transportation services that can only be offered by a courier service.

You may earn money by providing transportation services such as delivering items from one location to another and satisfying the urgent demands of your clients.

26. Real Estate Investing

It’s the same as owning a home and receiving money from customers. You may make a fortune in real estate by investing in residential and commercial properties.

These properties in which you invest might provide a sizable dividend from the investment proceeds.

27. Organizing Evening Classes

Another way to get money is to organize classes for both youngsters and adults.

You might offer to teach numerous courses to people who want it in these classes.

28. Starting a Laundry Business

This company washes, dries, and irons garments and other textile materials for both businesses and individuals.

This is a successful enterprise with little risk; you can even start small and scale up. Given the expanding population and the fact that most people are quite busy at work, the washing sector is extremely important.

29. Manage a Restaurant

People require food on a daily basis, and having a restaurant company may help to provide this need.

Before launching a restaurant, you must do some thorough planning and preparation, such as selecting a brand for your restaurant, designing your menu, getting financing, arranging your layout, finding suppliers, hiring the correct employees, and then publicizing your restaurant by holding an opening.

30. Establish a Cyber Cafe

Almost everyone nowadays uses the internet for one reason or another. Some people may have their own computer or internet connection to access the internet.

However, this disadvantage may be overcome by just stepping into an internet-accessible business center and browsing the internet for a little fee.

31. Designing Fashion

If you enjoy making garments for clients that require them for various events or occasions, this is the job for you.

You might make a lot of money by creating your clients’ garments and offering them a variety of styles and colors.

32. Establish a Provision Store

One of the most common ways to make or generate money in Nigeria is to own a supply shop where food and other commodities are exhibited and sold.

33. Designing a Website

If you are a website developer or designer, you may make money by designing and selling websites for businesses or individuals that require them to accomplish certain tasks.

34. Create a BookStore

According to statistics, the majority of Nigeria’s growing population is made up of school-age children.

This simply implies that a large number of individuals will require books in order to pursue their academic goals.

35. Open a Boutique

A boutique aims to give many types of clothing, shoes, and personal items required to appear well and beautiful.

However, before you begin, you must decide whether you want to open a boutique for adults or for children, and you must evaluate the industry to determine the amount of competition.

36. Become a Representative

You can offer to or serve as an agent for your customer by supplying information or acting on their behalf.

37. Special Occasion Baking

Cakes are in high demand for public events, celebrations, anniversaries, and other types of activities.

You may create cakes and sell them to people in need, earning money by giving them with the specific sort of cake they want.

38. Create a Sales Funnel and Offer Information Products

This will need the development of a method that potential clients must go through before becoming your customer.

You can sell products that will act as information for individuals that require it.

39. Exchange Cryptocurrency

This is a popular way to make money in the twenty-first century of worldwide technology.

You can purchase various sorts of coins when the price or value is low and then sell them when the price or value is high.

40. Work as a Data Entry Specialist

There are firms searching for data entry specialists to work for them and help them compile data in a proper manner if you are the sort of person that is quick at typing and inputting data correctly.

41. Marketing studies

Market research is a very effective and enjoyable method to make money. Market research studies are constantly marketed on most university campuses, and the purpose of these studies is essentially for firms to collect the opinions of university students.

You may be awarded in cash and other gift incentives for your participation and active involvement in this marketing research procedure.

42. Working as a Cashier

You can work as a cashier for a corporation or an individual restaurant, where you will accept and record all cash transactions.

43. Programming Computers

Given your aptitude for mathematics, you may explore working as a programmer for organizations that want your assistance in developing useful programs that will allow their systems to perform well and remain operational for an extended period of time.

44. Animal Husbandry

This company entails owning a farm where you raise livestock such as goats, cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals.

You may earn money by supplying consumers with fit and healthy cattle for purchase and consumption.

45. Making Shoes

People always want to appear beautiful and feel complete when they go out or go to a personal engagement; in addition to clothing, they will require footwear.

Shoemaking might assist to meet this demand by producing pleasant, tidy, and comfortable footwear in a variety of designs, allowing the prospective client to choose according to his or her taste and preferences.

46. Plantation Management

There are countless organizations, manufacturers, and sectors that require a vast quantity of raw materials to manufacture their goods.

You may start a plantation and cultivate critical produce that businesses and industries would need.

47. Make Travel Plans for Others

People’s jobs and businesses frequently demand them to travel and relocate from one location to another in order to do their tasks. Furthermore, due to their hectic schedules, several businessmen and ladies find it difficult to arrange for their own transportation.

You may fit into this circumstance by arranging and assisting these businessmen and ladies in planning their transportation.

48. Computer Troubleshooting

Are you familiar with computers and know how to operate and activate them? Then you might fit into this group.

You may help individuals with computer problems by fixing them for a fee. You will need to have your own location, working equipment, and a way for people to recognize that you specialize in computer difficulties.

49. Service of Online Translation

Do you know and speak any foreign languages? If this is the case, you may get compensated to translate many types of items into English. It might be a detail, a document, or business materials, among other things.

You might accomplish this from the comfort of your own home while earning money for the services you provide.

50. Create and Market Printables

This is often done in PDF format, and all you have to do is build a template and sell it to your clients online. These printables provide a variety of ideas and strategies for various topics.

Printables are concepts that are made for people to print and can be done for a profit.

51. Have a Gym

Keeping fit and in excellent condition is the order of the day if one want to maintain good health and well-being.

You may create a gym where people can come to exercise and stay healthy; however, you must provide various exercising gear, and there is also the problem of space to consider when preparing to open a gym.

52. Managing Social Media Profiles

Some businesses and individuals demand a vibrant, secure, and attention-grabbing social media presence, which necessitates the services of a social media account manager.

As a social media account manager, you will be responsible for maintaining the account’s state as well as protecting the account from ill-structured problems such as account interruption.

53. Jumia for sale

Jumia is a platform for buying and selling, and via it, you can meet individuals who are looking for what you have and, at the same time, you can negotiate the price for an item you want to sell.

54. Forex and Binary Options Trading

Trading forex entails purchasing a certain country’s currency when the market is dropping or the price is lowering, and then selling when the market is rising or the price is increasing.

55. Learn to be a Mechanic

Most individuals are worried about the functionality of their vehicle and are willing to pay a premium to ensure that it is properly checked, maintained, and serviced.

You can become a mechanic if you have the ability to identify a default or problem in a car or machine and then rectify or solve that default or problem.

56. Lottery

If you play the lottery on a regular basis and have the luck and talent to win, you may potentially make a lot of money.

You can make money if you have the talent and can forecast future occurrences by comparing previous events (running statistics).

57. Selling Handmade Items

If you enjoy art and crafts or anything that are handcrafted, you may sell your artworks and materials online.

There are several sites where you may post the kind of art and craftwork that you wish to sell and purchasers can purchase them.

58. Make a name for yourself as a social media influencer.

Social media influence is becoming a profitable road that many young people are taking and using to gain money.

Working as a media influencer in Nigeria may earn you a lot of money through product promotion, sponsored posts, and other types of brand work.

59. Create and Market Stationary

Do you enjoy stationery items such as cards, invitations, and so on? Do you want to put together attractive and colorful wedding invitations?

If so, there is a great chance for you to benefit from online stationery sales.

60. Technology Product Sales

People want devices that facilitate communication while also allowing them to be comfortable in their everyday routines.

You may start a business selling technological devices like phones, earphones, speakers, and power banks.


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