Biography of Minister Victoria Orenze (Age , Husband)

Minister Victoria Orenze, born on March 23rd, is an anointed gospel music minister and artiste with a particular touch from God to release hearts via the instrument of sounds and profound worship.

Minister Victoria Orenze married a long time ago (about 14 years at the time of compiling this article). According to her, she attempted but failed to make it work. She puts it like way: “Regardless of my marriage experience and how it went, I’ll urge you to listen to what the spirit has to say, since I am a bible believing Christian who believes in the word of the Lord.

Victoria Orenze
Victoria Orenze


I was prepared to make it work no matter what. I was prepared to stay since I had not entered the situation intending to depart. I wanted it and understood what I was getting myself into when I married.


However, it needs two to work. According to the Bible, two people cannot walk together unless they agree. So I did everything even after the other party left. I prayed and waited for it to work, but it didn’t. And so, I would say to people, since you see couples dissolving even in church these days, and marriages breaking outside the church…”Victoria Orenze Biography

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Victoria Orenze is a gospel singer, composer, recording artist, and stage performer who believes that authentic worship should point people to Jesus Christ. She made her debut by assisting Nathaniel Bassey on the song “Alagbada,” following which she released the excellent praise tune “On Fire.”

Victoria Orenze has been leading worship in several circles, and her concert “Return” was held in December 2016. Victoria is a highly private person, therefore finding a lot of personal information about the gospel singer on the Internet is tough.Victoria Orenze Husband

She is a fantastic vocalist. Her voice proclaims the gospel and the redemption of the soul via God’s worship to the public. She believes that every Christian should have a real faith in the Almighty God, entrust themselves to Him, and walk the road of purity. It is not just a matter of carrying out the instructions outlined in the Bible. It is also vital to thoroughly comprehend and accept one’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

Victoria Orenze’s music is mainly about spiritual awakening. Other gospel singers with whom she frequently collaborates include Nathaniel Bassey, Sinach, Praize, Frank Edwards, and Sammy Okposo. Nathaniel Bassey, one of her most regular collaborators, teamed with her in the popular gospel song “Alagbada,” a tune that catapulted her to fame and public awareness.

Victoria Orenze’s musical breakthrough sprang from her cooperation with Nathaniel Bassey on the hit song “Alagbada,” which she enhanced with her gorgeous vocals. She also had a solo song called “On Fire” published. She has taken part in a number of concerts, programs, and other activities both at home and abroad that are planned to worship God.

In December 2016, the audience watched her outstanding performance in “Return,” a religious concert that moved and educated the crowd. This ceremony and performance took place in the main hall of the University of Lagos in Ojo, Lagos State, in Nigeria’s southwestern region. Victoria Orenze directed the concert and inspired the crowd with her sweet voice.


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This Lady is an inspiration to many since her religion is genuine and her musical skill is outstanding. Her melodies heal souls and strengthen people’s faith in the Lord. It would be great if all musicians lived their life in this manner, avoiding unsavoury practices and controversies, especially those caused by the media.

Victoria Orenze is a role model for today’s youth. When you listen to her songs, your spirit will soar. Her music will help you forget about all of your negative feelings and motivate you to start feeling good. Victoria Orenze is regarded as a gospel music icon.Victoria Orenze Age

Victoria Orenze is now one of Nigeria’s most brilliant, creative, skilled, and talented gospel artists. We were unable to obtain further information on this outstanding performer, such as her date of birth, state of origin, place of birth, academic records, and personal records, due to her private life and her refusal to allow interviews.

Victoria Orenze has sold a number of singles and albums both domestically and internationally. Based on her success in gospel music, Victoria Orenze is now one of Nigeria’s richest and most influential female gospel artists, with an estimated net worth of $250,000.


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