10 Verified Things Nigerian Women Love

10 Verified Things Nigerian Women Love – Nigerian culture and lifestyle have been able to program the characteristics, priorities, and values of her society.

Things Nigerian Women Love
Things Nigerian Women Love


There are things that are priceless for every woman, including the Nigerian lady. Here are some facts regarding items that Nigerian women cannot live without.


“Money,” of course. I’m not aware of anyone who would choose poverty over riches; if you are, please let me know in the comments area below. When it comes to money, Nigerians (women, ladies, and girls) do not play “Ego”, “Kudi”, or “Owo” (they know what I mean).


Some of these ladies are selfish, just thinking about stealing from any accessible pocketbook, but others want income to meet life’s obligations. A great shout out to my strong, energetic, and industrious Nigerian ladies; similarly, I salute the talented men who are fulfilling the requirements of their women; I know it is not an easy task.


Not every Nigerian lady fits into this group, but a sizable proportion does. A Nigerian lady will wear cosmetics regardless of the weather, event, or circumstances. Just so you know, getting high-quality cosmetics costs a lot of money.


A juicy gist will always draw ladies, and Nigerian women are always involved in gossips, both intentionally and unknowingly. We can now connect to LIB and Nairaland, making gossiping simpler.


If you chance to be in the head of a Nigerian lady, her extravagant wedding should be rated around No. 1, 2, or 3. Every woman desires a lavish wedding, and Nigerian women eagerly await the realization of their wedding fantasies, from the gown to the ring, the Aso-Ebi, the dance, and so on….


You might be wondering what type of recharge card I’m talking about, but it’s just a PHONE RECHARGE CARD. Nigerian women are highly capable of purchasing airtime by themselves, but they frequently request recharge cards from persons with whom they are associated. You may have heard phrases like

“Please provide me credit.”
“I’m out of airtime.”
“Could you please send me a recharge card?”


You seldom see a Nigerian lady with her natural hair; there must be something to it. That is why Nigerian weave and relaxer producers are billionaires. No matter how hot or cold the weather is, she must have weaves, extensions, or a wig connected to her hair.


Nigerian ladies are enthusiastic with the latest electronics, particularly phones and phone accessories. Every girl or woman feels on top of the world when she can show off her latest iPhone, Samsung S series, selfie stick, or laptop.


As much as other Nigerian women blame Yoruba women for this, I’d want to claim “all Nigerian women” are to blame. An ordinary Nigerian woman wants to be noticed, adored, and acknowledged, and free food and a party are the best places to get these things.

Even the ladies who party appreciate the vibes, although I’m not sure why the majority of them lie about it.


The Nigerian girls adore high heels, and I must say, they look great on them. However, the weird thing is that they mostly wear them on Sundays to church or inside the confines of their workplace. A Nigerian female in heels is unlikely to be seen without slippers or a flat sandal in her purse. Why, you could ask?


Nigerian ladies are constantly looking for their guys to stand out and look their finest. In most situations, men seek their women’s opinions on his dress code, while younger ladies lower their defences in the presence of attractive and presentable men.


Nigerian women, like the rest of the globe, are addicted to social media. You see young girls talking on the phone, snapping selfies, or face timing while walking, eating, working, or even attending church. ooo nawa


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