Thing You Should Know Before Moving To Italy ( Immigrants)

Thing You Should Know Before Moving To Italy ( Immigrants Must Know) – Italy is one of the most coveted destinations on the globe. It offers outstanding tourist attractions, and many people have moved to Italy to reside throughout the years.

It is no surprise that many people face reality when they enter the Italian system.

Thing You Should Know Before Moving To Italy
Thing You Should Know Before Moving To Italy

Things that you believe will resolve itself may be difficult to do.

It is critical to be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared.


It is critical to understand WHY you wish to take this action. Knowing your WHY will help you stay grounded, focused, and unique.

There are several reasons why you might need to relocate from your current location to Italy. Recognize these reasons, and don’t allow anyone criticize your objectives.

Identifying your WHY is an extremely personal decision, therefore don’t allow anyone influence it. It’s all about you, and I don’t believe anyone can make you feel bad about your WHY.


Now that you understand why you need to relocate. The next stage is to figure out how to learn more about Italy.

Through your study, you will be able to determine whether your WHY can be answered or reached in the nation where you wish to migrate. In this case, it is Italy.


While the Italian government is willing to accept individuals into their system, nothing works without Italian documentation.

In other words, you will be unable to make the most of your time in Italy until you obtain your residence permission.

Some of the privileges you will be denied include finding a job, receiving medical care from a hospital of your choosing, studying, and so on.

Permission to stay; Permesso di Soggiorno in Italian. This document may be processed and obtained through the Questura department.


Italy is not an English-speaking European country. It is critical to have the right mentality in order to learn their language. You should be aware that the Italian language differs greatly from English, so be prepared to twist your tongue.

Only Italians expect their views to be understood when they traverse the world speaking Italian or their local accent. Not to mention that they use their hands as an extension of their tongue—lol (Italians use their hand to describe when talking).


Italy has an extremely high level of living. This makes it difficult or impossible for certain people to maintain their standard of living in Italy.

I will suggest that you should have a full pocketbook before going to Italy. Alternatively, you can live with a friend who is willing to accommodate you until you are stable.

Accommodation rates are levied monthly, as opposed to yearly in Nigeria. (I’m an NIGERIAN.) The monthly cost of renewing your lease in Italy is the same as the annual cost of leasing in Nigeria.

You must pay for gas, electricity, and water, which are most likely not inexpensive given your location.


It was difficult for me to make the transition to Italian food. For the longest time, the only Italian dishes I enjoyed were Risotto, Pasta, and Pizza; everything else turned me off.

During this time, I survived on the food I brought from home before arriving to Italy.

By the way, I now appreciate practically all Italian meals, and I’ve eaten a lot of stuff I wouldn’t normally eat.

So, if you’re fussy like me, you should go shopping at your local markets before relocating.

It is feasible to get your local food in Italy, but it will cost you.

It is tough to find restaurants that serve African cuisine if you are from Africa. Your only alternative is to go to African shops and buy African foodstuffs.

Purchasing products is significantly more expensive in Nigeria. I don’t blame the retailers; they have to pay for shipping, rent, and must make a profit.

A considerable size of Bonvita, for example, costs $2,800 when I was in Nigeria in 2016. It costs €14 at the Africa store, which is equivalent to Naira 5,865.27.


Nigeria’s climatic conditions are vastly different from those of Italy.

In my situation, I was comparing winter in Italy to harmattan in Lagos, but I had the biggest surprise of my life.

At the end of the rainy season, I left Nigeria. The temperature was exactly 28° when I took my flight, but when I arrived in Italy, it was roughly 7° with humidity in the air.

Thank goodness my charming father-in-law arrived with a jacket for me.


Italian fashion may not be your cup of tea, but I’m sure it won’t stay long. I propose that you bring some clothing from your own country with you. Always keep the varied seasons in mind while shopping for apparel.

You may get seasonal clothing ideas on Pinterest.

The Italian cosmetic lines do not cater to those with dark complexion. This has made it difficult for those with dark complexion to find cosmetics that work for them. I would recommend that you invest in some skin-care products.

When you relocate to Italy, you may usually purchase online. You’ll have to pay for transportation from countries such as the United Kingdom and France. I’m aware that they offer a diverse cosmetics range that caters to individuals of color. This is something you must handle. You may also use the African shop for cosmetics lines and other items that you may desire.


As an African, if you’ve left your nation with the intention of furthering your education in Italy, I believe you should reconsider or just go for another place where you may study.

It will save you the time and energy you would have spent looking, applying, waiting for a response, and finally starting a lengthy procedure that does not guarantee admission to an Italian university.

Oh! You will almost certainly be admitted to a school in Italy once your prior qualification is invalidated and you are forced to start from a level you have passed.

The Italian educational system is extremely rigorous, making it difficult or impossible to accept students from other nations.

Depending on your nationality, if you have a degree and want to extend your studies, your certificate may be depreciated or you will have to take extra procedures to enter their educational system.

Just so you know, it’s ridiculously pricey.


Italy is a Christian country; if your faith requires otherwise, I believe you should practice at home.

Alternatively, you may have to travel a considerable distance to reach your sacred altar.

If you are a religious person, you may find it difficult to adjust.

The Catholic church is Italy’s formal and most common denominational divide.

Because 70% of Christian Italians attend the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church looks to have the largest population in Italy.

When I arrived in Italy and decided to attend the Catholic church, I was advised that I needed to get baptized because we were planning our wedding.

I had been baptized as a Christian in Nigeria and had my certificate with me. However, my paperwork was denied since the certificate was not considered official. Because it wasn’t from a Catholic church, I suppose. I had to go to courses and have another baptism.


Some things are considered impolite, embarrassing, or improper as a Nigerian.

In Italy, you may find yourself doing these things since it is considered courteous, kind, and decent.

For example, in our Nigerian welcome manner, while greeting an elderly person, I would need to stoop or bow out of respect. When I was in Italy, I ended up exchanging kisses, handshakes, and hugs.

It was a tremendous surprise given how I had spent the previous 26 years of my life in Nigeria.

What about the toilet? In general, every Italian household possesses one. Growing up in Nigeria, I had never heard of a bidet, but it is a big deal in Italy. After using the toilet, you must transfer to the bidet to clean your buttocks.

As a Nigerian, I can consume a dinner consisting of rice, beans, plantain, and meat on a single plate. Before you start yelling, I eat in the proper quantity.

This remains a nightmare. I can eat anything I want, and I’m not interested in eating this much in one sitting. Except when eating out, you must wash the dishes after everyone has done eating. It’s nasty, yet it’s something I still like.

As a Nigerian, I eat well during breakfast. A fried egg dish, two slices of toast, and a cup of hot beverage

Breakfast is a term that is brought to work in Italy. During the morning break, they get a couple of biscuits and a cup of English tea.

A cup of hot beverage may enough for breakfast in some instances.

In Italy, expresso is a big deal. It’s difficult to meet an Italian who isn’t addicted to coffee. Bars in Italy provide coffee, and you can see people of all ages come in to get some. At least once or twice every day.

Believe me, there will be many things that you will find weird. I hope you found this information useful.

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