The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Prayer)

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Prayer)

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel (Prayer)

O Lord, may we ever be the devoted servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary conceived without sin, so that by her intercession we may be cleansed from every stain of sin and attain everlasting life.

. . .all those who out of true veneration and love for the Blessed Virgin constantly wear the scapular in a spirit of fidelity and confiding faith, after they have been placed by the Church itself with this habit or badge under the special protection of the Mother of God, shall enjoy this special protection in the matter and crisis which most concerns them for time and eternity. Whoever, therefore, even though he be now a sinner, wears the badge of the Mother of God throughout life as her faithful servant, not presumptuously relying on the scapular as on a miraculous amulet, but trustfully confiding in the power and goodness of Mary, may securely hope that Mary will through her powerful and motherly intercession procure for him all the necessary graces for true conversion and for perseverance in good.

Such is the meaning and importance of the first privilege of

the Carmelite Scapular, which is wont to be expressed in the words: “whoever wears the scapular until death, will be preserved from hell”. The second privilege of the scapular otherwise known as the Sabbatine privilege, may be briefly defined as meaning that Mary’s motherly assistance for her servants in the Scapular Confraternity will continue after death, and will find effect especially on Saturday (the day consecrated to her honor), provided that the members fulfill faithfully the not easy conditions necessary for obtaining this privilege.

– The Catholic Encyclopedia

“Just as men take pride in having others wear their livery, so the Most Holy Mary is pleased when Her servants wear Her Scapular as a mark that they have dedicated themselves to Her service, and are members of the Family of the Mother of God.”

– St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori

Those who wear the Brown Scapular may wish to gain the Sabbatine Privilege:

  1. Wear the Brown Scapular
  2. Observe chastity according to one’s state in
  3. Recite daily the “Little Office of the Blessed

Or, A) To observe the fasts of the church together with abstaining from meat on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Or, B) With permission of a Priest to say five decades of Our Lady’s Most Holy Rosary

Or C) With permission of a Priest to substitute some other good work.

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