The Black Scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows (Prayer)

The Black Scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows (Prayer)

The Black Scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows (Prayer)

The Black Scapular of Our Lady of Sorrows (Prayer)

On Good Friday evening, as they were meditating on the sorrows of the Mother of God, they were again wrapped into an ecstasy, and beheld the Blessed Virgin descending from heaven, accompanied by a great multitude of angels carrying with them the instruments of Our Savior’s Passion. One of them bore a palm branch, the emblem of victory. Another carried a shield, on which the words “Servants of Mary” were written in letters of gold. The Blessed Virgin herself held in her hand a religious habit of black cloth. Her beautiful countenance bore an expression of unutterable compassion and love. She presented the habit to the pious religious, saying: “My children, receive this habit, and with it the name of my servant; persevere as you have begun, and this palm of victory shall one day be yours.” As the faithful were now desirous of sharing in the merits and good works of this pious order, these good religious instituted the black Scapular, which was approved of by the Church and enriched with many indulgences.

O Lady, Donning This Scapular, We Don with You the Robes of Sorrow

O Lady, mindful of the charisms of the Servants of Mary to whom you promised the crown of victory to the persevering in love through all woe:

We remember, and pray to console you.

We recall your journey, feeling the sorrow in your heart at the first blood shed in the circumcision of Our Lord.

Your flight into Egypt to save the life of the little Infant Jesus from Herod’s killers. . .

Experiencing with you the mournful lack of your child the three days he was lost in Jerusalem. . .

Walking with you as you saw Christ carrying His Cross, along that terrible Way, your heart with his every footstep. .

You Before Him, in His death. . .

Full of pity and heart piercing sorrow, the agony amidst the ecstasy. . .

When He was taken down from the Cross, and you cradled His broken body in your arms. . .

And relinquishing Him, when He was laid in the sepulchre.

What did you feel then? Teach us O Lady, let us remember your sorrows, and so love Jesus better, and all. Let no longer the fullness of sorrow and pain be unknown to us, our love forbids us not to know Jesus in all the ways we are privileged to in this mortal coil.

We remember, and pray to console you.


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