Biography of Dr. Sonnie Badu (Age , Wife , Family)

Sonnie Badu is an international worship leader and preacher whose ministry is evocative of God’s heartbeat revealed through Word and Worship.

Dr. Sonnie Badu, who is of Ghanaian heritage, is a music producer who demonstrates flexibility in a variety of professions, as well as competence in musical invention and multiple commercial innovations.

Sonnie Badu
Sonnie Badu




As a best-selling author of various books, he is committed to bestowing and enriching people’s lives by enabling them to realize their full God-given potential.


He is the principal custodian of several non-profits and a global charitable ambassador.

Sonnie Badu is a well-known personality in African gospel music. One of the world’s most consistent and popular live performers. His distinct combination of private worship, high-quality graphics, and dynamic approach of bringing audiences into God’s presence has changed lives.

He is a successful entrepreneur, singer, producer, and author, as well as the founder and head Pastor of RockHill Church in Atlanta, Georgia.Biography Of Sonnie Badu

He is unquestionably one of the most well-known and recognized trailblazers in African gospel music on a global scale, with several hit songs and honors to his name.

Dr. Sonnie Badu has a Doctorate in Divinity, a Bachelor of Ministry, a Master of Christian Leadership, a Doctorate of Fine Arts in Musicology, and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology. He was just appointed Professor and Dean of the Music Faculty at Trinity International University of Ambassadors.Sonnie Badu Wife

He is a United Nations Sacred Music Ambassador (Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Special Envoy), a presidential lifetime achievement award laureate, and an honorary Georgian.

He also has the keys to Brooklyn, New York, and Brentwood, Maryland.

Badu is blissfully married to Lady Annie Badu and the couple has four lovely children: Shadine, Imani, Sonnie, and Ayanna Badu.

Badu Foundation | Sonnie Badu Ministries

Sonnie is a philanthropist, among many other things. However, he quickly realized that it was insufficient and established his own foundation, which he named after himself.

The Badu Foundation’s mission is to offer quality education, assistance, and care to orphans and other vulnerable populations. In terms of orphanages, Sonnie Badu is the owner and spokesman for various children’s homes.

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Music Academy of Sonnie Badu

This academy includes an intense teaching and mentoring program led by Sonnie Badu, an award-winning prolific composer, producer, businessman, conference speaker, and international Gospel performer.

He has become a global hero, having earned over 20 major accolades and three honorary awards, including a national peace award from the Stability Foundation International in Ghana earlier this year.Sonnie Badu Age

The church on Rock Hill

We exist to bring God glory by disciplining people through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and multiplication. As a church, we think we have a unique mission to focus on creating leaders for local church and city-wide service. We welcome you to see firsthand how thrilling church can be when the focus is kept simple.




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