Biography of White Olasunkanmi Barry (Son of the Prophet)

White Olasunkanmi Barry, also known as Son of the Prophet, was born on May 25th and is a gospel content producer, media enthusiast, influencer, and above all, a leading impressionist who exactly copies the acclaimed Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo.

White Olasunkanmi Barry
White Olasunkanmi Barry


Growing up, his family used to sleep in an iron shop on a cement floor for almost twelve years, and if it rained, they would harvest the water in the shop and use it to wash. We used to bathe in the “Gutter” drainage at 3 a.m. before people started coming to work on the island. When there was no food to eat on Christmas Day, we simply turned it into a dry fast from the 22nd to the 26th, with no food to consume at all. There was a time when we were teased for the fact that the only thing we knew how to do best was go to CHURCH, because when you have been attending to church, what has GOD done for you all, Poor family…White Olasunkanmi Barry Biography

He had a specific encounter on October 24th, 2017 at approximately 6:45pm. There was a rich guy whose daughter he (Son of the Prophet) had summoned for some golf practice, to which the man replied, “I don’t know where my daughter met a POOR CHURCH RAT LIKE YOU.” According to him, he felt that word and shouted out, “Lord, why me?” I was wondering what made him laugh (was in a why me,” then I started hearing the holy spirit laugh, I was wondering what made him laugh (was in a serious look). He told me to get a book and a pen right away, so I did, and then he told me to write what the man said, so I wrote POOR CHURCH RAT, then the holy spirit asked me to put S at the back of the RAT to make it RATS, which I did right away, and he said that is what you will become, so I changed the word to CHURCH STAR, then I added RICH CHURCH STAR. Although we are not yet RICH, I trust in the process and that one day the tale will change….



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Olasunkanmi, White Barry, also known as Son Of The Prophet, is well-known for impersonating Bishop David Oyedepo.

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My father is a practicing Muslim, while my mother is a practicing Christian. My mother reared my siblings and myself.White Olasunkanmi Barry Age

My upbringing was uninteresting because I was not born with a wooden spoon, much alone a silver spoon. But I never let my past dictate my future.

Olasunkanmi On November 14, 2015, Barry realized that he could properly impersonate Bishop Oyedepo. He described the ability as a natural talent. While he can effectively impersonate other renowned personalities, he has a soft spot for Bishop David Oyedepo. As a result, he has been taunted several times about being Bishop Oyedepo’s biological son. It has also earned him extensive attention, including the opportunity to meet Bishop Oyedepo himself.

Olasunkanmi, White Barry is a member of the Living Faith Church, and he rose to prominence at the Shiloh 2020 program in December, when Bishop Oyedepo summoned him on stage.

He is an artist who contributes to the Draw for Change Initiative.

Son of the Prophet
Son of the Prophet

His first interaction with the ministry was at WOFBI 2016. He was then motivated to emulate Bishop David Oyedepo.

His father, who was a Muslim before converting to Christianity, was harshly critical of him. His mother, senior brother, and sister, on the other hand, were somewhat supportive.

Do you intend to enter full-time ministry as the Son of the Prophet?Son of the Prophet Biography

God appoints individuals for a variety of reasons. I’ve received a calling, but not as a preacher.

His narrative is inspiring and demonstrates that Christ can transform anyone’s story if they embrace Him as Lord and Saviour.


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