Biography of Reverend Kenneth Hagin (Age , Wife)

Reverend Kenneth Hagin was born in McKinney, Texas, on August 20, 1917. Rev. Hagin was a frail youngster with a malformed heart and an incurable blood condition. He was not supposed to live and became bedfast when he was 15 years old. During a spectacular conversion experience in April 1933, he claimed to have died three times in 10 minutes, each time experiencing the horrors of hell and then returning to life.

Reverend Kenneth Hagin
Reverend Kenneth Hagin

Reverend Kenneth Hagin was miraculously healed and risen from a deathbed by the power of God and the revelation of trust in God’s Word in August 1934.Reverend Kenneth Hagin Biography

Reverend Kenneth Hagin saw Jesus eight times in visions during the following several years, which transformed the trajectory of his career. He launched a regular radio program in 1967, which is still going on today as Rhema for Today.Reverend Kenneth Hagin Age

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Reverend Kenneth Hagin released the first issues of The Word of Faith in 1968. That magazine, which is currently published nine times a year, has a circulation of nearly 200,000 people. Faith Library Publications, the publishing effort he started, has distributed more than 65 million copies of books by Rev. Hagin, Kenneth W. Hagin, Lynette Hagin, Craig W. Hagin, and other authors worldwide. Faith Library Publications has also made millions of audio and video lessons available.


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Rhema Praise, a weekly television broadcast hosted by Revs. Kenneth and Lynette Hagin; Rhema Correspondence Bible School; Rhema Alumni Association; Rhema Ministerial Association International; the Rhema Prayer and Healing Center; and the Rhema prison ministry are all part of Kenneth Hagin Ministries.

Rev. Hagin established Rhema Bible Training College in 1974. The school now has campuses all around the world and is still growing.

Reverend Hagin traveled and taught God’s word across the United States and into Canada until he died, leading All Faiths’ Crusades and other special assemblies.

Reverend Kenneth Hagin Wife
Reverend Kenneth Hagin Wife

Reverend Kenneth Hagin was a charismatic preacher, teacher, and prophet who was known as the “founder of the contemporary faith movement.” His books and sermons are loaded with dramatic anecdotes about God’s power and truth at work in his life and the lives of others.

He will be remembered not just as a wonderful clergyman, but also as a tremendous family man – his heart was in his family. He was present at every milestone, ready to speak, respond, and pray. When he saw one of his grandkids or great-grandchildren, his belly laugh filled the room.

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