Biography Of Quinton van Rooyen (Age , Wife , Net Worth)

Biography Of Quinton van Rooyen (Age , Wife , Net Worth , Cars) – He is a notable son of Namibian soil, was born in the fall of 1965 in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Following the completion of his B.Iuris degree in 1989, he continued his studies by finishing his LLB degree via distance education in 1992.

He later joined a local legal firm, but soon realized that merely practicing law was not enough, so he took it upon himself to brave the law from the business side. As a result, he bought 100% of Trustco for N$100 and embarked on the road less traveled – entrepreneurship.

Quinton van Rooyen
Quinton van Rooyen

Dr. van Rooyen’s financial acumen, expertise, and leadership continue to be the decisive elements in Trustco Group Holdings’ success as a triple-listed organization. His imaginative attitude to life elevates the banal. He approaches issues fearlessly, making him an easy leader to follow. His expertise and passion is to develop goods and services that are environmentally friendly, socially ethical, and will generate enormous wealth for stakeholders by capitalizing on possibilities in Namibia and throughout Africa. Dr. van Rooyen firmly believes that Africa’s full potential has yet to be realized and that change is the spice of life.

Since the beginning of the year, the market value of Namibian multimillionaire businessman Quinton van Rooyen’s shareholding in Windhoek-based investment group Trustco Group Holdings has decreased by R803.2 million ($47.1 million).

The decline in the market value of holding stake comes as the group’s shares hit an all-time low during a lengthy listing battle with the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The multimillion-dollar drop in van Rooyen’s ownership comes after a $29-million surge in his net worth in the first week of this year due to a double-digit increase in Trustco shares.

Trustco, a diversified investment holding company mainly owned and run by the van Rooyen family of Namibia, takes pleasure in investing in high-quality world-class assets in the financial services and resources industries, which provide long-term sustainable growth for stakeholders.

Van Rooyen, the group’s CEO and a notable Namibian businessman, controls 63.94 percent of the firm. His entire holding is 1,004,000,060 ordinary shares.

The R803.2-million ($47.1-million) reduction in the market value of his stake since the beginning of this year might be ascribed to investor reactions to Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) authorities’ complaints about Trustco’s 2019 financial statement, which they felt was deceptive.

According to the claims, Trustco’s shares will be delisted from the JSE on July 29 for failing to comply with its policy on restating 2019 financials.

It also accused Trustco of breaking international accounting rules by falsifying the terms of two loans and reclassifying land it owned.

Trustco questioned the JSE’s power to require firms to change their financial statements after stating that all transactions had been “exactly accounted for, recorded, and declared,” saying that only boards had such capacity.

In light of recent developments and the impending delisting of Trustco shares, JSE investors and dealers have continued to liquidate their holdings, causing the group’s share price to fall below its JSE debut price in 2009.

Shares in the group have plunged by 64% since the beginning of the year, from R1.25 ($0.0733) to R0.45 ($0.0264) at the time of writing, while van Rooyen’s holding has decreased by R803.2 million ($47.1 million), from R1.25 billion ($73.54 million) to R451.8 million ($26.47 million).

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