Biography Of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (Age , Net Worth)

Biography Of Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa (Age , Net Worth) – He was born in December 1977 to a farming family. His parents are elders in the Apostolic Faith Mission Church in Mashonaland Central Province’s Muzarabani district.

In August 2008, Prophet Makandiwa established his church, United Family Interdenominational Ministries. Members would meet at an Anglican Cathedral for lunch at that point, and it was more of a lunch hour fellowship.

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa
Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa


The hall was filled to capacity (approximately 600 people) on the first day, and by the following day, the fellowship had an overflow.


This phenomenon has remained a benchmark to this day, with people lining up as early as 0600hrs for the service, which begins at 1000hrs.

On December 25, 1977, Emmanuel Makandiwa was born. Emmanuel grew up in a Christian environment, and after moving to Muzarabani [in Mashonaland Central Province], his family focused on cotton, maize, and other commodities. As the eldest child in a family of five, Emmanuel was taught by his father how to farm, from planting and crop management to repairing their farming tractor, and as he grew older, he became his father’s right-hand man on their farm.Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Biography

Emmanuel’s father and mother were fervent Christians, and when they moved to Muzarabani with their children, they established the first church in the area. They were financial partners with an evangelical organization in Harare led by the late Evangelist P.D. Chiweshe, and they sponsored a number of crusades in Muzarabani. Young Emmanuel developed a craving as a result of his repeated exposure to such. He began preaching at an early age, and the pastor of his church would allow him to minister even during the big Sunday services. After graduating from high school, Emmanuel went to work full-time on his father’s farm, and he began to have more and more uncanny occurrences.

He began to have visions and hear God speaking to him, informing him about future events and how He planned to utilize him in pastoral service. His father stated that an angel had previously informed him that little Emmanuel would be a great minister of the gospel, thus he was not surprised by the supernatural manifestations that would occur at their home via the young boy.Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Age

Emmanuel was resting under a shade at their farm one afternoon when he was caught up in a spiritual vision and the shade caught fire, although the fire did not devour the shade, which had wooden planks. Other witnesses stated they hurried with buckets of water to attempt to put out the fire, but they were surprised to discover Emmanuel resting in the shade, without a single scratch or burn.

Emmanuel stated that he was taken up in a vision in which the Lord taught him about his ministry and what was about to happen through him. Since that day, supernatural manifestations have intensified, and he has decided to follow God’s call as a full-time preacher. Emmanuel attempted to enroll at a Bible school in Harare but was turned down three times before enrolling at Living Waters Theological Seminary, where he finished with a Diploma in Theology in 2002.

Following graduation, Emmanuel was assigned by the pastoral board of his church, Apostolic Faith Mission [AFM], to Matebeleland as an assistant pastor, and later, he was assigned to pastor an assembly in Shangani. In 2004, he was relocated to How Mine Assembly, and later to Chitungwiza. His powerful preaching brought people from all across Chitungwiza and Harare to the Assembly he pastored in Chitungwiza, which had a large congregation.

Makandiwan formed a non-denominational organization named the United Family Inter- denominational Ministries while in Chitungwiza. He began by organizing lunch-hour gatherings in the Harare CBD and eventually began hosting mid-week sessions. Their inaugural meeting, held at the Anglican Cathedral in Harare’s CBD, drew a large crowd with a large overflow.

Due to the large turnout, the meetings were relocated to the State Lottery Hall, which has been converted into the Harare Town House, and the crowds continued to grow. People from his church and other churches attended his gatherings, which were marked by overflowing. They were forced to hunt for a larger auditorium, so they relocated to Harare City Sports Centre.

The AFM board did not agree with Makandiwa’s arrangement, so one Sunday, members from the AFM board came to the main service at the church where Emmanuel was pastoring and gave him an ultimatum in front of the whole church: either shut the inter- denominational ministry or leave AFM.

Emmanuel Makandiwa then stated his position in the same service, and he opted to continue with the interdenominational ministry. The United Family International Church [U.F.I.C] was founded in 2008 in the Harare City Sports Centre, and tens of thousands of people attended the service. U.F.I.C. has now evolved into a mega-church, with over 70,000 people attending Sunday services. It has branches in practically every region of Zimbabwe, and its first foreign branch opened in South Africa in 2014.

Emmanuel Makandiwa married Ruth Makawa just before beginning his full-time ministry as an ordained pastor, and Ruth has since been his ministry partner and co-founder of UFIC. Ruth also oversees the Victorious Ladies women’s ministry and the ministry’s charity arm, Agape Family Care, through which she engages in charitable and humanitarian activity.

Every month, the charity arm takes care of approximately 3000 widows and well over a thousand orphans by providing them with meals, groceries, money for rent, and tuition for the orphans. Agape Family Care also provides assistance to institutions and orphans. It makes an annual donation to Zimbabwe Prison Services.

Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa of Agape Family Care conducted two successful initiatives under the subject “Operation Restore Sight” in which over 200 patients were given free eye cataract surgery and all were successful, with a total budget of over $500000.00 USD.

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Humane Letters by the International Institute of Philanthropy (IIP) in 2014. Despite the pressures of their global ministry, the two have never been involved in any marriage scandals or instances of adultery.

They have a total of five children. Spiritual Paternity Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa began to submit to Ghanaian pastors Victor and Anita Kusi-Boateng, and Emmanuel made his devotion to Reverend Victor public, which drew media and public criticism because many did not agree with his notion of “Spiritual Fatherhood.” Makandiwa publicly believes in spiritual fatherhood, and he has backed up his position with texts and teachings. Reverend Victor and Anita Kusi- Boateng visit Zimbabwe regularly and have ministered at several conferences organized by Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa.

Criticism and contention Emmanuel Makandiwa’s unique ministry and preaching has subsequently drawn criticism and abuse from the Zimbabwean media and general public.

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s prophetic ministry has given birth to many local and worldwide prophesies, and despite the fact that many people think he is a phony Prophet, all of the prophecies he delivered came true. On April 9, 2017, Emmanuel Makandiwa issued a prophesy instructing the church of God to pray for a notable Zimbabwean. Due to the sensitivity of the situation, Emmanuel Makandiwa did not reveal much information about the individual at the time, but he did provide precise specifics about what was going to happen.

Emmanuel Makandiwa recounted the prophesy to the people present on that day at the UFIC Sunday Service, giving specific description and urging the church to pray for him. Exactly 5 months after the prophesy was revealed, Zimbabwean media outlets stated that the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, Honourable Cde Emmerson D. Mnangagwa, had major intestinal issues as a result of food poisoning. Miracles

Emmanuel Makandiwa’s ministration has resulted in unusual miracles, which are also a testament to all of the church gatherings and conferences he conducts. People have claimed to have been healed of ailments such as cancer, HIV, hypertension, and other significant health concerns. During a service in December 2013, Emmanuel Makandiwa ordered medical staff to line up with sphygmomanometers and to monitor and record the blood pressure of hypertensive persons before and after he prayed for them.Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Net Worth

All of the hypertensive persons who were examined before prayer had substantial changes in their blood pressure after being checked, and it was proven that it had gone down after Emmanuel prayed for them. Makandiwa is well-known for his audacity in publicly praying for individuals in difficult situations.

During one of his services, Emmanuel prayed for a young guy and made one of his legs longer than the other, all in public and on video, before forcing the other leg to conform to the new length of the other leg. Auditorium at a megachurch In 2011, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa purchased a large plot of land in Chitungwiza and began building the UFIC Chitungwiza Basilica, a mega-church auditorium with a seating capacity of 60 000 people.

It was initially difficult for them to begin work on the property since it is damp, and there were some individuals who said Makandiwa stole their land. The local authorities paused the development for a while, but in 2015, they received the ultimate green light, allowing them to proceed with the project. Televangelism In September 2014, Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa started Christ TV, a free-to-air Christian broadcasting network. This channel serves the whole Sub-Saharan region as well as sections of Europe.

Christ TV is also the official broadcaster of U.F.I.C., and it has covered all of Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa’s important worldwide ministry events. The first anniversary of Christ TV coincided with the launch of a Gospel Awards platform, the PERMICAN Awards [Prophet Emmanuel and Ruth Makandiwa’s Invitational Concert and Awards Night], where Zimbabwean and international gospel musicians are recognized for their contributions to the gospel music industry. The PERMICAN awards are Zimbabwe’s greatest awards presentation, and it has featured foreign musicians such as Loyiso Bala, as well as giving an honorary award to worldwide gospel performer Sinach in 2016.

Emmanuel Makandiwa launched Judgement Night, a one-night seminar, in 2012. From 2012 to 2016, this conference grew in popularity and became one of Zimbabwe’s largest Christian annual gatherings, hosting over 150 000 people on a continuous basis. The Zimbabwe Ministry of Tourism certified Judgement Night as a significant tourism destination in 2016, since many foreigners from all over the world go to Zimbabwe for the event.

Emmanuel Makandiwa also has a platform called Christian Spiritual Link, via which he sends a text message to a database of people who have subscribed every morning. These communications include a scripture reading and a message from him to those who have subscribed to the platform.

Every month, Emmanuel and Ruth produce a 30-day devotional called Life Lighter. This devotional is available in English and Shona and includes a message, biblical reading, statement, and prayer for each day.


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