Biography of Professor Psalm Ebube (Age , Wife)

Professor Psalm Ebube is the Vice Chancellor of UGCSI-USA and a world-renowned statesman for youth issues to ICN USA. He is a trained youth coach and leadership specialist, as well as a Consultant & Training Liaison expert. He is also the creator of the Stay Alive Civility Global Initiative and the CEO of Africa’s Leading Publishing Company, Youth Publish Now.

Professor Psalm Ebube
Professor Psalm Ebube


Professor Psalm Ebube is deeply committed to assisting youth and young adult leaders in achieving both immediate and long-term success. As a charismatic and in-demand speaker, he empowers young people to take charge of their destiny and to emerge as transformational leaders who use their abilities to encourage other young people to make a difference in society.Psalm Ebube

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His job as the National Statesman For Youth To ICN USA for I Change Nations. World Civility Ambassador and World Greatness Record Holder from the United Kingdom. Stay Alive: Rich Mind, Empty Grave is the author of the book. Award-winning artist, author, and speaker. He currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He has a happy marriage. Visit him at or on Twitter at @Officialpsalmebube.Professor Psalm Ebube Biography

Dr. Psalm Ebube, Humanitarian causes champion, one of West Africa’s most recognized vocalists, and an inspiring voice for orphans and widows rights, is one gospel musician whose richness of experience has proven to be a godsend.

Psalm Ebube, a professor, takes a stand against severe poverty. Dr. Psalm Ebube is a member of a worldwide movement of over 9 million individuals working to alleviate severe poverty.Professor Psalm Ebube AgeProfessor Psalm Ebube Wife

Dr. Psalm Ebube is raising his voice across Africa to assist develop worldwide awareness of fragility and to better the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in West Africa. With escalating war, starvation, and underdevelopment in West Africa, it is time to change Africa for the better!


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