40 Best Prayer Points On Family Breakthrough

40 Best Prayer Points On Family Breakthrough – In the spiritual sphere, family is the beginning of a man’s existence, a lineage or generation that can be traced back to the source and base of such a person, lineage, or foundation.

Hence A family breakthrough is a circumstance in which a family or a member of a family experiences a positive reversal for the betterment of that individual or the whole family.

Prayer Points On Family Breakthrough
Prayer Points On Family Breakthrough

We live in a spiritual world in which the spiritual governs the physical. Everything we see in the physical has been organized and completed in the spirit realm, and the devil is well aware of the power and importance of the spirit realm in a man’s life.

The adversary consequently constantly strikes God’s children with a physically invisible opponent to stop and hinder their growth, demonstrating the need and effectiveness of praying for family breakthroughs in our lives or in all that concerns to us.

The power of prayer against a dysfunctional family cannot be overstated, for it is through prayer that we overcome the family difficulties that stand in our way. The prayer for family breakthrough is one that we should pray every day of our life since it has been plainly demonstrated to us that there are Invisible powers and forces at work in the world, and they are always at odds with us as God’s children.

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Apostle Paul was well aware of the actions of the invisible forces and obstacles, which is why he constantly reminds us as Christians to be vigilant and to pray.

“For we are not against flesh-and-blood adversaries, but against wicked rulers and authorities of the invisible world, against strong powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the high realms,” Ephesians 6:12 says.

40 Best Prayer Points On Family Breakthrough :

1. Dear Father, I thank you for the gift of life that allows me and my family to be alive today.

2. In Jesus’ name, I thank you for your constant protection and direction over me and my family.

3. In Jesus’ name, I adore you for your endless kindness and mercy toward me and my home.

4. In Jesus’ name, my Father, I thank you for your love and mercy shown to me and my family.

5. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I order that every wicked seat of the Invisible adversary assaulting my life, destiny, family, job, academics, business, marriage, and ministry be burned by fire.

6. In Jesus’ name, I command every gang up, every invisible adversary against me to be dispersed by fire.

7. In Jesus’ name, every invisible force and adversary working against my peace and growth, perish immediately by fire.

8. In Jesus’ name, I order today, by your might, that every surveillance mirror of the Invisible adversary used to monitor my life catch fire and be smashed to pieces.

9. In Jesus’ name, make me invisible and impenetrable to every invisible adversary and power.

10. In Jesus’ name, I set fire to every vile altar of the Invisible enemy today and burn it to ashes.

11. In Jesus’ name, Father, strike and destroy every invisible power sent to destroy me with your fire and strength.

12. My Father, in Jesus’ name, quiet every demonic and invisible mouth that speaks setback and stagnancy into my life.

13. In Jesus’ name, I order that every stubborn and unrepentant foe of my life, destiny, profession, academics, business, family, marriage, and ministry be consumed by your burning fire.

14. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, every arrow aimed at me by the wicked and invisible adversary shall be deflected.

15. In Jesus’ name, my Father, destroy by fire every ill deposit of the wicked adversary in my life and destiny.

16. Oh Lord, I decree that from today, every demonic power acting against me cease and be rendered powerless in Jesus’ name.

17. In Jesus’ name, I declare that no evil scheme or agenda of the Invisible adversary shall stand against my life, destiny, career, academics, business, family, marriage, or ministry.

18. In Jesus’ name, Oh Lord, destroy with your fire every arrow of disease and death aimed at me and my home.

19. In Jesus’ name, I demand every evil authority of the wicked and invisible adversary to be rendered ineffective over my life destiny and family.

20. Oh Lord, today, in Jesus’ name, I suppress every demonic force appearing in my life, work, academics, company, family, marriage, and ministry.

21. Oh Lord, construct a wall of fire and protection around me and my family so that we are impenetrable to any evil power, in Jesus’ name.

22. In Jesus’ name, bring confusion into the camp of all invisible foes and let them be consumed.

23. In Jesus’ name, My Father, I will not be a victim of an attack by the Invisible adversary.

24. In Jesus’ name, Father, protect me and my home and hide us under the shadow of your wings.

25. In Jesus’ name, my Father, defend and keep me from the ferocious onslaught of the wicked and invisible adversary.

26. Oh Lord, arise, come to my foundation, and shake off every evil Invisible force tied to it in Jesus’ name.

27. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise, battle, and kill any demonic creatures battling and standing in the path of my achievement and breakthrough.

28. In Jesus’ name, I neutralize every satanic spell cast against me by your might.

29. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, disperse by fire every malicious plot against me and my home.

30. In Jesus’ name, arise in your wrath and demolish every invisible adversary and force that is supporting failure and setback in my life, destiny, career, academics, business, family, marriage, and ministry.

31. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I bind every wicked and evil force that stands in my way.

32. In Jesus’ name, I soak myself and my household in the Blood of Jesus, and we become impenetrable to all demonic powers and strength.

33. In Jesus’ name, I tear down every evil and demonic spiritual edifice that stands in my route to my promised Land.

34. In Jesus’ name, I order the gates of blessings and favor to be opened for me.

35. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, I demand the spirit of a winner to take over my life and make me a winner in all aspects of my life.

36. In Jesus’ name, I announce and proclaim my triumph over all the evil Invisible adversary and power of my life and destiny.

37. In Jesus’ name, Father, break every burden of darkness from my life via your anointing.

38. In Jesus’ name, my Father, dishonor the human person acting with the power of evil to confound and bother my existence.

39. In Jesus’ name, Father, bring down your fire on the altar of my life.

40. Oh Lord, any charm battling me will be made ineffective against me in Jesus’ name.

41. My Father, in Jesus’ name, remove every vile altar of darkness that stands in my way.

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