40 Daily Prayer Points For Pastors Going Astray

40 Daily Prayer Points For Pastors Going Astray – Pastoral ministry is a risky vocation that involves steadfastness in the word and strength in the Holy Spirit, as well as being enabled to achieve great things for oneself and the congregation God has entrusted to one’s care. It must be taken seriously and boldly in order to bring down the reign of evil and lead souls to the kingdom of our heavenly father, God.

Pastors, like Shepherd, oversee the congregation in order to nourish and nurture them in God’s good theology. Pastors play an important role in ensuring the congregation is well grounded in the scriptures, guiding them to live a life of righteousness and purity before God, praying for them always, helping to strengthen God’s believers, and sharing in some of the burdens of His church, just as Jesus preached and guided his disciples, including praying for them not to be lost to the world. Pastors are required to organize God’s work and guarantee that the gospel is preached appropriately.

Prayer Points For Pastors Going Astray
Prayer Points For Pastors Going Astray

As heavenly bound believers in God’s kingdom, we should always keep in mind that pastors are also human, and just as Apostle Paul admonished the church to pray for them, we are meant to always be committing our pastors into God’s hands so that they are also upright and living in righteousness and purity of heart. Interceding for our pastors must be done on a regular basis. We should always pray for them to be able to resist and conquer any temptations or hardships that come their way.

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Pastors encounter several obstacles on a daily basis, which they must share with the congregation in order to strengthen the church. Praying for them strengthens their confidence in God, keeps them from straying, and allows them to go deeper in the revelation of the word. Praying for pastors to keep them from straying enables them to continually crave God’s presence and guidance in their paths.

This article contains 40 prayer points that Christians may use to pray for their pastors in their various denominations to protect them from going astray, and God will undoubtedly keep his laborers from falling into the ditch and their lives sin-free. Amen.

40 Daily Prayer Points For Pastors Going Astray :

1. God, we thank you for your rescuing grace in the lives of our pastors; may you be praised in the name of Jesus.

2. Father, we entrust our pastors to you; maintain vigil over their lives in Jesus’ name.

3. In Jesus’ name, Father, support our pastors and bear their burdens in those areas where they go to you for nourishment.

4. In Jesus’ name, Father, wash and purify our pastors from every hidden sin and make them labor in your righteousness.

5. Lord, direct their ways everywhere they go and be their shield against all the forces of darkness, in Jesus’ name.

6. Father, we entrust them to your care; grant them victory over the temptations they confront on a daily basis in the name of Jesus.

7. Lord, in Jesus’ name, grant our pastors the grace to live a life of purpose and to accomplish all of their heart wishes.

8. Lord, enhance your grace and anointing in our pastors’ lives so that they may serve you in Jesus’ name.

9. In Jesus’ name, I cast and bind all territorial forces and demonic spirits that want to pull the pastors’ glory down.

10. In Jesus’ name, Lord, enable our pastor to be receptive to your direction and guidance.

11. Father, in Jesus’ name, give our pastors a fleshly heart to heed the correction of the Holy Spirit.

12. Father, remove every rebellious spirit from our pastors’ lives and make them repeat Holy Spirit exhortation in Jesus’ name.

13. In Jesus’ name, fill our pastors’ hearts with God’s love and lead them further into the revelation of your word.

14. Father, keep our pastors safe from Satan’s plots that would lead them astray and astray in Jesus’ name.

15. Lord, guide our pastors’ hearts and keep them battling for the faith and the church in Jesus’ name.

16. Father, in Jesus’ name, troubles and tribulations that lead pastors astray or to seek answers in prohibited areas will not befall them.

17. In the name of Jesus, Father, guard and restore our pastors from fleshy and sinful hearts.

18. Father, grant our pastors the grace to be directed against the falsehoods of sin in Jesus’ name, and let them fear you correctly in Jesus’ name.

19. In Jesus’ name, Lord, circumcise the hearts of our pastors, make their conscience tender and fresh, and keep them close to your word.

20. In Jesus’ name, Father, bestow spiritual gifts on our pastors to strengthen their faith and encourage them when the chips are down.

21. Lord, keep our pastors safe from every harm and enable them to persevere even when the paths are twisted, in Jesus’ name.

22. Lord, in Jesus’ name, make your grace adequate for our pastors in all aspects and satisfy them early with your kindness to keep them from wandering astray.

23. Holy Spirit, grant our pastors the grace to shun all appearances of evil and the discernment to handle the ministry’s problems.

24. Lord, grant our pastors spiritual discernment to recognize good from evil and aid them in applying the word to all perplexing situations around them in Jesus’ name.

25. Father, give our pastors healthy bodies and spiritual strength to continue serving you diligently in Jesus’ name.

26. In Jesus’ name, Father, bless our pastors with a godly family and grant them wisdom to shepherd their families in the path of the Lord.

27. Father, surround our pastors with important and purposeful friends and acquaintances who will encourage and support them in the faith and ministry you have entrusted to them in Jesus’ name.

28. Father, oppose the wicked powers of darkness opposing our pastors; their intentions to lead our pastors astray shall be destroyed in Jesus’ name.

29. Oh LORD, give our pastors the grace to labor and walk for you without falling into the traps of their enemies, which will lead them wrong in Jesus’ name.

30. Father, remove every affliction from our pastors’ lives and cleanse them with the blood of Jesus in the name of Jesus.

31. In Jesus’ name, let every challenge they face that seeks to separate them from God’s presence catch fire and burn to ashes.

32. Father, do not send away our pastors from your presence or take away their holy spirit; instead, restore their joy of salvation in Jesus’ name.

33. Oh Lord, grant our pastors the ability to break free from all constraints in the magnificent name of Jesus.

34. Oh LORD, make worthless any wicked manifestation that seeks to ruin our pastors in Jesus’ name.

35. Father, remove every familiar spirit seeking expression in the lives of our pastors and replace it with the actual ministry God has given them in Jesus’ name.

36. Father, provide for our pastors’ daily necessities; poverty and lack will not keep them from God’s service in Jesus’ name.

37. Father, remove any impediments, delays, and reproaches that bind our pastors and set them free today in Jesus’ name.

38. Oh Lord, help them to consistently break free from the devil’s schemes and methods for their lives and ministries in Jesus’ name.

39. In Jesus’ name, Father, instruct our pastors to never look back after placing their hands in the plough, and keep them near to you at all times.

40. Thank you, God, for answered prayers; we will always have reason to celebrate our pastors’ successes in faith-keeping in Jesus’ name.

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