40 Powerful Prayer Points For Financial Open Doors

40 Powerful Prayer Points For Financial Open Doors – When a Christian or believer experiences the mighty hand of God on their life and destiny in the area of money, this is referred to as financial open doors.

Financial Open Doors occur when a Christian is spiritually transformed in their riches, wealth, and prosperity lifestyle and conditions.

Prayer Points For Financial Open Doors
Prayer Points For Financial Open Doors


Financial Open Door means experiencing great blessings and financial breakthroughs, but the enemies wage war on God’s children by fighting them with the spirit of poverty and debt. When we walk in God’s will and in the assurance of our victory in Christ Jesus, we walk in the assurance of our blessings, both physically and spiritually.


40 Powerful Prayer Points For Financial Open Doors :

1. My Father, I come to you today with thanksgivings in my heart and praise in my mouth for your great deeds in my life.

2. My Father, I thank you for your mercy and goodness in all my efforts.

3. My Father, this morning I bring to you my offering of worship and praise for your protection and guidance over me and my life.

4. In Jesus’ name, I speak against every spirit of financial lack that is ravaging my life.

5. In Jesus’ name, Lord, silence every tongue speaking lack and poverty into my life.

6. In Jesus’ name, my Father meets all of my needs in every aspect of my life.

7. In Jesus’ name, I return to the sender every arrow of financial lack aimed at my destiny, career, finances, marriage, family, and ministry.

8. In Jesus’ name, expose and disgrace every plan of the enemy to bankrupt me.

9. In Jesus’ name, my Father, arise, bless me, and enlarge my coast.

10. God, anoint me with gladness oil and fill my cup to overflowing with your blessings in Jesus’ name.

11. In Jesus’ name, Father, make me a blessing channel for my generation.

12. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, demolish every demonic altar that speaks financial lack and poverty into my life, career, business, academics, marriage, family, and ministry.

13. In Jesus’ name, set ablaze every spiritual gathering planning financial backwardness in my life.

14. Dear Father, Fill my barns with your favor, blessings, and prosperity, in Jesus’ name.

15. In Jesus’ name, my Father, bless the works of my hands and multiply my riches tenfold.

16. Holy Spirit, guide and protect me from every spirit of debt and poverty, in Jesus’ name.

17. In Jesus’ name, I will not beg to survive.

18. Oh Lord, wherever my provisions and supplies are bound up, I release them through fire and begin to experience financial open doors in Jesus’ name.

19. In Jesus’ name, I come against every plan of the enemy to render me financially helpless and stagnant by the power of God.

20. In Jesus’ name, Lord, cut off any tongue prophesying financial backwardness and poverty in my life.

21. Oh Lord, in Jesus’ name, arise in your wrath and destroy any power that rises against my financial breakthroughs.

22. In Jesus’ name, open the four windows of heaven and pour out your immeasurable blessings on my life, family, marriage, career, and ministry, and allow me to experience financial open doors.

23. Oh Lord, every plan of the enemy to financially demote me will fail in Jesus’ name.

24. In Jesus’ name, remove every spiritual impediment to my financial breakthrough by your fire.

25. In Jesus’ name, Lord, make me a blessing to my household.

26. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant me the grace to be obedient to you so that I can walk and live in the manifestation of your blessings on my life.

27. Oh Lord, envelop me in your clouds of blessings and favor, and grant me a financial turnaround in Jesus’ name.

28. Oh Lord, I decree return to sender to everyone who is aiming an arrow of financial lack at my destiny in Jesus’ name.

29. In Jesus’ name, Father, let every power struggling with my financial open doors and blessings be wasted.

30. In Jesus’ name, expose every waste and suckers who are circling my financial destiny.

31. In Jesus’ name, Lord, deflect every arrow of poverty and financial lack in my life, family, career, business, marriage, and ministry.

32. In Jesus’ name, Father, demolish and destroy every altar of financial insecurity and poverty in my life, career, marriage, business, and ministry.

33. In Jesus’ name, God, grant me breakthrough and expansion in every aspect of my life.

34. Oh Lord, grant me the ability to be wealthy in Jesus’ name.

35. In Jesus’ name, my Father, in your wrath, destroy every ancestral spirit plotting my financial ruin.

36. In Jesus’ name, God, defy every enemy plotting poverty and financial backwardness for me.

37. In Jesus’ name, Lord, grant me the grace to manage the resources at my disposal so that they can be multiplied and I can experience financial open doors.

38. God, in Jesus’ name, I claim my prosperity by fire.

39. In Jesus’ name, burn up every demonic spirit that stands in the way of my prosperity and financial open doors.

40. In Jesus’ name, Father, grant my life, destiny, ministry, marriage, and business a great financial transformation and open doors.


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