30 Best Prayer Points For Evangelism Outreach

30 Best Prayer Points For Evangelism Outreach – Are you getting ready to embark on an evangelical mission? Have you prepared all of your plans and methods to win souls in this outreach, but you still believe you need to pray more in order to succeed?

You must pray these 30 prayer points for evangelistic outreach, and while you do so, may the Lord provide you spiritual access to the region and lead you to gain souls in Jesus’ name.

Prayer Points For Evangelism Outreach
Prayer Points For Evangelism Outreach

The need of praying before going out to gain souls cannot be overstated; in fact, intense prayers are required to displace the governing spirit in that region.

Remember that the answers to Daniel’s prayers were thwarted by the reigning spirit in that area, the Prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13), even though God had delivered the answers to Him.

Similarly, there is a governing spirit in command of all areas, and in order for an outreach to be effective, the war must be fought via intensive prayers.

It is also critical that you pray these 30 evangelism prayer points for your own safety, because the powers of darkness will be furious that you are stepping into their territory to snatch souls from their hands, as Scripture says in Matthew 11:12, you are going to take the souls by force, and you must be prepared to incapacitate them before you step out at all Matthew 12:29-34.

30 Best Prayer Points For Evangelism Outreach :

1. Father, we thank you for your never-ending grace in our lives and families as a Church, unit, or group, and we honor your holy name in Jesus’ name.

2. Lord, we thank you for your constancy and care over our lives and families, for keeping us safe from the bad ones; all praise is yours in Jesus name.

3. Father, I bless your holy name for the grace you have given us to evangelize in order for your kingdom to spread; blessed be your holy name in Jesus name.

4. Lord, I thank you for your never-ending mercies on the land we are evangelizing, since you have not given up on the souls there; to you be all the praise in Jesus name.

5. Lord, we thank you for your serenity and strength in our lives; be glorified in Jesus’ powerful name.

6. Lord, we beseech you for compassion in all the ways we have sinned against you and fallen short of your grandeur; please, in Jesus’ name, let your mercy speak for us.

7. Father, please let your kindness triumph in all the ways we have disobeyed you in the past; pardon us, Lord, for all our trespasses in Jesus’ name.

8. Lord, may your presence be felt powerfully with us as we embark on this evangelistic journey in Jesus’ name.

9. In the great name of Jesus Christ, we arrest every force that may oppose us while we go evangelizing.

10. In Jesus’ great name, I demand every power of darkness scheming evil against this evangelical movement to be scattered by fire.

11. Every prince of the air in charge of the affairs of the place where we are evangelizing, I command you to halt your activities now, in Jesus’ name.

12. I demand that every jail house where men’s destiny have been stored to impede their development in life be unsealed and men’s destinies be restored today in Jesus name.

13. Darkness altars, where men are spiritually bound in order to produce restriction and stagnation in this community, I command such altars to catch fire in Jesus’ name.

14. In Jesus’ name, I command that men’s hearts be open to God’s word in Jesus’ name.

15. I pronounce that no wicked spirit will be able to prevent the people from hearing God’s word in Jesus’ great name.

16. In Jesus’ great name, I decree that the light of God’s Word will shine brilliantly in the minds of mankind, and that all will come to know the truth.

17. I foil every demonic scheme to divert the attention of people to whom we will be preaching; they will hear and receive God’s Word in Jesus’ name.

18. Oh Lord, while we evangelize, let your fire descend to demolish every impediment to God’s understanding in their hearts and minds, in Jesus’ name.

19. In Jesus’ name, I assume authority of the environment, and I declare that everything in creation will work in our favor.

20. In Jesus’ great name, I direct that all hostile operations against this region cease immediately.

21. In Jesus’ name, I plead the blood of Jesus Christ onto this territory, and I pronounce that Christ shall reign supreme in this nation.

22. In Jesus’ name, every diabolical deception against the destinies of people in this land is destroyed by fire.

23. We take over souls from the realm of darkness, and I pronounce in Jesus’ name that they will be translated into the kingdom of Christ through this evangelistic mission.

24. In Jesus’ name, we will keep these souls in the church and not lose them to the camp of darkness.

25. In Jesus’ name, I decree that large conversions of souls to Christianity will occur in other regions where evangelism will be conducted.

26. In Jesus’ name, the advice of the demonic individuals in this community is hereby null and void.

27. In Jesus’ name, we demand every blood sucking demon in this region to stop asking the innocent’s blood.

28. In Jesus’ name, I declare that Christ will be glorified in this area and across the world.

29. In Jesus’ name, I obtain daily replenishment of strength for every evangelist working in this mission endeavor.

30. Thank you, Jesus, for hearing my prayers. Amen.

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