Biography of Pastor Tola Seedy (Age , Husband)

The head pastor is Pastor Tola Seedy. He is a coach, counselor, and personal development trainer; a Bible teacher who teaches in a way that listeners may simply apply information.

I’ve worked as an associate pastor, a faculty member at a prestigious leadership school, a youth pastor, and in a variety of other capacities during the previous decade and a half. On Saturdays, I organize a virtual bible teaching outreach called ‘Recharge,’ through which I share God’s word.

Pastor Tola Seedy
Pastor Tola Seedy


I, too, am a perpetual student. I have a degree in International Relations and am now pursuing academic credentials in Business psychology and non-profit leadership from the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom and Alberta Bible College, respectively.


In my spare time, I love watching sports and reading for pleasure.

Biography of Minister Esther Oji (Age , Husband)

Pastor Tola Seedy is blissfully married to his heartthrob, Pastor Kemi Seedy, a Co-Pastor and Human Resources specialist who enjoys leading from behind while allowing for creativity and promoting participation. Prior to joining PCG, she worked for almost 15 years as a campus pastor, youth pastor, and children’s church organizer.

Pastor Kemi Seedy is a Human Resource Professional with a Masters degree in Human Resource and Training from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom. She is also interested in career development and capacity building, and she operates the ‘My Career Fairy’ resume-writing service. When she is not working, she likes reading and listening to loud music. And I consider myself to be passionate, sympathetic, and peaceful. Tola and I reside in Calgary, Alberta, with our two boys, Fela and Fola.


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