20 Facts About Nigerian Billionaires You Don’t Know.

Nigerian billionaires are rather widespread and do not normally stand out in public. Many Nigerian billionaires will tell you that they don’t “feel rich,” owing to the fact that the value of a million dollars has fluctuated drastically over the last century. To have the same purchasing power now, $1 million in 1900 would be almost $27 million today. As a result, the threshold for being classified as an ultra-high net worth individual is at least $30 million.

Nigerian billionaires
Nigerian billionaires


So, despite the fact that there are literally millions of Nigerian billionaires (+10 million in the United States alone), only roughly 28,000 are deemed ultra-high net worth. That still gives plenty of leeway for people to live “under the radar” and go out in public without drawing too much (or any) notice.

On the other hand, there are around 2,000 billionaires worldwide who are pretty well recognized. They’ve been in the business press and frequently draw notice everywhere they travel simply because of their power. So keep an eye out for bodyguards and extra protection whenever they’re out in public. They may not be the obvious Hollywood portrayal of bodyguards, which attracts even more attention:


A squad of ominous-looking bodyguards, on the other hand, is inconvenient to have about if you merely want to meet a friend for dinner, play a round of golf, attend a wedding, or take your kids to Disneyworld. It actually invites more unwanted attention, whilst keeping a low profile may help them to go unnoticed.

For smaller events and public excursions, a small (1-3 person) security detail will nearly always be nearby, generally within 10-20 feet depending on the danger level of the venue, and they will most likely try to blend in and be “invisible” until needed. They will frequently go out of their way to keep their hands free and will never be consuming alcohol, making them simple to detect at a party or open event.

Bodyguards and/or a full-time security detail are incredibly expensive and not something that a “mere” wealthy would pay for “simply to have around.”

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