Military Cheating Spouse – How to Report Infidelity in the Military?

Military Cheating Spouse – How to Report Infidelity in the Military? My spouse is in the military and is cheating on me with another member of the military. What happens if I report him to the military?

You have a lot to think about before taking that step. Adultery in the military is not regarded the same way it is outside of the military…at least not legally.

Military Cheating Spouse
Military Cheating Spouse

Adultery is a felony under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). The accused may face court martial.

I’ll take a moment to inform you that a single soldier who has sex with a married individual is regarded to have committed adultery under the UCMJ.

Adultery, according to the UCMJ, is merely having sexual contact with someone other than your husband. If a service member is found guilty of this, it might be the end of his or her career. It is irrelevant whether the military member was legally separated from their spouse at the time of the intercourse. And once you’ve started the UCMJ, you can’t just decide to dismiss the charges and everything will be OK.

That is not how it works. The offense is not directed against you as a spouse; rather, it is an act that is seen to bring shame to the armed services and is thus a violation of good order and discipline.

I have stated that a conviction would very certainly be career-ending and would result in jail time. The ensuing discharge would very certainly prevent them from receiving benefits. This will have an immediate impact on you and your children, if you have any.

It’s essentially catastrophic.

As a former soldier who has seen this happen to people, my unsolicited suggestion is to keep the military out of it. File for divorce if you believe it is the proper thing to do, or seek therapy. Involving the government comes no positive results.

It’s heinous, violent, and devastating to people’s lives and livelihoods.

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