40 Best MFM Prayer Points To Cancel Bad Dreams

40 Best MFM Prayer Points To Cancel Bad Dreams – He will not let thy foot to be moved, and he who keeps thee will not sleep. He who keeps Israel shall never rest nor sleep.

The Lord is thy guardian; the Lord is thy right hand’s shade.

Have you been suffering a string of nightmares? Have you been followed by frightening monsters in your dreams?


MFM Prayer Points To Cancel Bad Dreams
MFM Prayer Points To Cancel Bad Dreams


Do you frequently dream of masquerades and other representations of your historic family idol?

The only way to fight and win this struggle is to follow the tactics prescribed in 2 Corinthians 10:4: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but powerful through God to the tearing down of strong holds.”

As the Scriptures indicate, our weapons of battle are not physical weapons, thus you should not even consider attacking any entity you see in your dream in the physical, whether it an elderly aunt or uncle, or even the custodian/priest of your family god.

Because the struggle is entirely spiritual, you must handle it with spiritual weapons. What are these spiritual weapons? First, your heart must be filled with God’s word and promises that ensure victory over the enemy and restful sleep. Psalm 18:29, Deuteronomy 20:4, Psalm 127:2 (1 John 5:4)

When you have finished gathering these weapons of the Word, you must advance to the battlefield through prayers.

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Meanwhile, your triumph is already guaranteed in Christ, so you battle with a victor’s perspective rather than a victim’s.

By praying against these evil dream manipulators, you are fulfilling the scriptures that say, “casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; And having in a readiness to punish all disobedience, when your obedience is fulfilled” (2 Corinthians 10:5-6)

It is certainly reasonable for God to punish all your foes because of your faithfulness in storing up the Word of God in your heart (Psalm 119:105) and choosing to obey His instructions of not waging your fights physically (1 Thessalonians 1:6)

40 Best MFM Prayer Points To Cancel Bad Dreams :

1. Daddy I appreciate your vow to look after me. I want to sleep well, Lord, glory to your name.

2. Lord, I thank you for ensuring my victory even before the war began; be glorified in Jesus’ name.

3. The father I thank you for your amazing grace in my life, for allowing me to sprint through an army with you, as you have ensured me of victory.

4. Thank you for not giving me a fearful spirit, but one of love, power, and sound mind; glory to your name in Jesus’ name.

5. The father I thank you for your incredible grace upon me and my family, which has kept us safe from the ultimate goal of our adversaries.

6. Thank you for the victory I already have against the enemy’s intentions, in Jesus’ name, blessed be your holy name.

7. Lord, I beg your compassion in all ways; I have left my spiritual doors exposed to the onslaught of my adversaries; grant me mercy in Jesus’ name.

8. Father, I beseech you to speak for me and my family in all the ways we have been weak in the place of prayers and fasting, in Jesus’ name.

9. In Jesus’ name, I pray that as my adversaries have come out against me in one manner, they will depart from me in seven ways.

10. In the powerful name of Jesus, I demand the cause of all my wicked visions to perish by fire.

11. In Jesus’ great name, I demand that every ancestral demon entrusted to me by my home adversaries be destroyed by fire.

12. In Jesus’ name, I command that no more bad nightmares come true for me or my family.

13. I foil every bad one’s plan for my finances, due by fire, in Jesus’ name.

14. In Jesus’ name, I revoke every death sentence that has been imposed on my family.

15. In Jesus’ name, my family is delivered from death and all sorts of evil.

16. As the adversary gathers to cause my family grief and embarrassment, I command them all to be consumed by fire, in Jesus’ name.

17. In Jesus’ name, I direct all operations of darkness to bring me disgrace in order for me to disperse bow.

18. In Jesus’ name, I declare that there will be no more suffering and shame in my family.

19. I round my dream life with the blood of Jesus Christ, and evil shall not enter my destiny in Jesus’ name.

20. Powers of evil from my father’s house, I pronounce that my family will not be used as a trial ground for you; flee by fire, in Jesus’ name.

21. I command the opponents’ weapons of war used against me and my family to catch fire, in Jesus’ name.

22. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, I declare that my family is free from evil deception.

23. In Jesus’ name, I demand the forces of evil that are following my destiny via dreams to stop your assignment over my life immediately by fire.

24. In Jesus’ name, I command that the authorities of darkness appointed to my career be consumed by fire.

25. In the magnificent name of Jesus Christ, I declare that I am free of any satanic indoctrination.

26. In Jesus’ name, I order that every bad dream that brings disappointment and rejection end forever.

27. I instruct you all to disperse by fire those who have assembled against me in the coven of witches, in Jesus’ name.

28. In Jesus’ great name, I command you to die by fire, stubborn domestic foes plotting against my glory.

29. In the magnificent name of our Lord, I declare that I am free from any evil ideas.

30. In the powerful name of Jesus, I command that all evil buildings surrounding my life and family be consumed by fire.

31. In the name of Jesus, I hereby sanctify my dream life with the fire of the Holy Spirit.

32. In Jesus’ name, I walk in complete victory over my foes.

33. In Jesus’ name, I prevail over all those who plot my demise.

34. In Jesus’ name, my family will be completely free from demonic attack.

35. From now on, whenever my name is invoked for foul fire, it will be answered in Jesus’ name.

36. I am wrapped in God’s presence, and I triumph over my foes in Jesus’ name.

37. In Jesus’ powerful name, the devil shall no longer have access to my dream existence.

38. I am a conqueror, and I will remain triumphant against my destiny’s foes in my work, academics, and marriage.

39. In Jesus’ name, my family will begin to sleep soundly from now on.

40. Thank you, Jesus, for hearing our prayers.


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