45 Powerful MFM Prayer Points For Marriage

45 Powerful MFM Prayer Points For Marriage – God’s desire for every marriage is for it to have long-lasting pleasure (Jeremiah 29:11). God’s goal for marriage is for couples to display His love, grace, and peace so that unbelievers might see and come to know Christ.

Marriage is a wonderful and excellent institution created by God himself for the goal of companionship, serving as a model for Christ and the church, and providing fruitfulness, satisfaction, love, and safety.

MFM Prayer Points For Marriage
MFM Prayer Points For Marriage


However, this has not been the case in recent times, owing primarily to the pressures faced by couples at various stages of their lives, such as the pressure to have their own children, the pressure to make available funds to care for their own children, the pressure to meet the expectations of the extended family, and a variety of other factors.


Many marital decisions are made as a result of these fundamental concerns, which define the present and future of the family. Some men have participated in criminal acts or transactions to pay debts, while some women have engaged in procedures and activities that would risk their future health in order to satisfy their spouses.

As a result, as Christians, we must collaborate intimately with the Holy Spirit in our marriage. The Holy Spirit will guide us in making smart judgments that will not damage our marriage’s or individual lives’ future.

This is why, in these 45 marital prayer points, we will pray for our spouses to constantly make the correct decisions, to arrange our lives according to God’s command for our life.

In Jesus’ name, may the Lord rebuild what the adversary has attempted to damage in your house as you offer these petitions.

45 Powerful MFM Prayer Points For Marriage :

1. I thank you, Lord, for your continual compassion to me and my husband; may the Lord’s name be exalted.

2. We thank you, Lord Jesus, that your word will never be proven untrue and that you will always keep your promise of grace and kindness.

3. The father In the strong name of Jesus Christ, I beseech you to forgive us for all of our offenses and to cleanse us from all of our impurities by the cleaning power of Jesus’ blood.

4. Please, Heavenly Father, heal our hearts and restore our marriage.

5. In Jesus’ name, please Lord, give my spouse the courage to make decisions that are in keeping with your will in all parts of his/her life.

6. In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord, assist our love to persist in the face of adversity.

7. In the name of Jesus Christ, I order that every plan the adversary has planned to keep us apart fail.

8. Dear Lord, in Jesus’ name, help me to control my mouth and refuse to say anything that are disrespectful to my husband.

9 Dear God, I’m sure there are others who, like me, feel emotionally distant from their marriages. Please assist us all in finding consolation in you.

10. Please assist us in comprehending the meaning of grace and forgiveness. May we be able to love in the same manner you do and let go of the desire to always be right.

11. Please be our guiding light and our protection, Lord. Help us to cling to you while the arrows of anguish are ripping us apart.

12. In the name of Jesus Christ, please give my husband and me the courage to fight for our marriage and the strength to stand up for each other in difficult times.

13. Father, I bow before you to pray for a miracle blessing and healing on our marriage and our bond with each other, that you would remove the obstacles that stand in the way of our walk with you and make us stronger and better husband and wife in Jesus’ name.

14. Father, please instruct us to rely on your power during the difficult times we shall encounter together.

15. In Jesus’ name, Father, may my spouse carry out your plan for his or her life.

16. In the name of Jesus, please aid us in carrying out your will about our gathering.

17. We come to you today, Heavenly Father, begging with you to teach us humility so that we might conduct our lives according to your will in Jesus’ name.

18. In Jesus’ name, I ask that your peace would reign in our family.

19. Dear Lord, please assist my husband and me in resisting any and all temptations that may come our way.

20. Father, in Jesus’ great name, close every bad gap between my husband and me with fire.

21. In the name of Jesus Christ, we thank you for the grace you have given us to bear godly seeds that will bring honor to your name.

22. We hope that the Lord would allow us the humility to ask forgiveness and the wisdom to contribute without expecting anything in return.

23. Lord, I hope that you will be with him when he makes major and little decisions, and that you would let him sense your hand guiding the path in his life.

24. In the name of Jesus Christ, please enable us to be one in love and to always fulfill your will.

25. Please help us to lay down our pride and pick up the instruments of peace, love, and grace instead.

26. Please, God, direct my spouse’s actions in the proper path.

27. In Jesus’ name, Father, may us seek to you for wisdom and guidance.

28. In the name of Jesus Christ, may the serenity you grant, which is greater than our comprehension, keep both our hearts and our minds.

29. Father, teach me unconditional love for my husband.

30. Before we do anything, my spouse and I would like to connect with you.

31. Lord, help us to remember the first time we met and the strong love that swiftly blossomed between us.

32. In Jesus’ name, assist us to love in real ways so that nothing can ever separate us.

33. Father, please bless him with tremendous understanding and direct his path wherever he is struggling.

34. Oh, Lord, block off all interaction between MY husband and bad corporations.

35. In Jesus’ name, I pray that we can let go of whatever it is and make the intentional decision to get closer to our spouse.

36. Lord, please be our fortress and source of hope. When we are in distress, please help us to stay focused on you so that we can find comfort in knowing that you are thinking of us.

37. Teach us, Father, to always depend on you and put our faith in you, for you have never let any of us down in the past and will never let us down in the future.

38. Father, please allow there be light on our path.

39. Heavenly Father, we thank you for creating us because you know us better than anybody else since you are our creator.

40. You are the one who brought us together, and you have informed us that you have plans and a purpose for us, plans that will benefit us rather than hurt us.

41. Please remind us, in the name of Jesus Christ, that you are the focal point of our relationship and the one who is looking over our future.

42. I want to thank you, Almighty and Compassionate Father, for being who you are and for the promises you have given to my spouse and me.

43. I appreciate your unwavering affection.

44. Thank you for responding to my prayers.


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