All About Igbo Proverbs and Meaning.

The Igbo people of Nigeria have a rich cultural tradition, and one aspect of this tradition is the use of proverbs. Proverbs are short, pithy sayings that encapsulate a wise or insightful observation about life. They are often used to impart wisdom or to make a point in a conversation.

Igbo proverbs
Igbo proverbs

Some examples of Igbo proverbs include:

  • “Onye wetara ihe nile, o ji abalu” – “The person who knows the road, does not encounter difficulties” (meaning that knowledge and experience are important in overcoming challenges)
  • “Okuko bu okuko, nti nkpokito ya ahu” – “The chicken is the chicken, but the egg is the one that gives birth” (meaning that the source of something is often more important than the thing itself)
  • “Nke a na-eche na nke b na-eche, nke b na-echi na nke a” – “When one thing goes with another thing, the other thing goes with the first thing” (meaning that things are often interconnected and interconnectedness should be considered when making decisions)
  • “Oso oku na-enweghi isi ihe” – “A person with no head has no place for a hat” (meaning that someone who lacks intelligence or common sense cannot benefit from advice or knowledge)
  • “Abochi na-ewu ogu, na onye na-ewu ogu, a ga enweghi ogu” – “The person who has a tool does not use it, and the person who does not have a tool also cannot use it” (meaning that sometimes, even when the resources are available, they are not used effectively)

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