The History Of Igbo Efon (Lagos State , Nigeria)

The History Of Igbo Efon (Lagos State , Nigeria) – Igbo Efon is a Lekki neighborhood that is roughly a 15-minute drive from Victoria Island without traffic. It is just across from Idado on the Lekki-Epe highway. In sharp contrast to the lovely architecture that most residential neighborhoods on the Island are known for, the bulk of the Igbo Efon community does not have the same aesthetic appeal. The majority of people in the area are natives, although there are also middle and upper-class individuals who may relate with the exquisite Lekki lifestyle.

Igbo Efon
Igbo Efon

The neighborhood is not guarded, and the principal road is a tiny partially interlocked lane that connects directly to the express. Several business activities take place within the town, and some of these activities extend to the principal road, making it crowded and causing cars to be held up. It has a poor drainage system, and the inner roadways are small and rugged. When it rains excessively, the region floods, and cars have restricted or no movement at these times.

Igbo Efon is a vibrant spot on a good day, with a lot of activity in and out of the neighborhood. At the entrance, there are Okada riders (bike men) and Keke NAPEP riders (tricyclists), who provide non-vehicle owners with a method of transportation throughout the neighborhood.

Igbo Efon may not be an appealing community in overall, but there are still some excellent looking houses and small estates within, and it is close to V.I when compared to other suburbs farther down the Lekki-Epe express. Given the normal traffic congestion on Lagos Island, relocating to Igbo Efon may not be a terrible idea.

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