How To Pray With Kola Nut In Igbo Language

How To Pray With Kola Nut In Igbo Language : We Igbos understand that when spiritual gifts are shared, we need to get ours first as giants of Africa seeking God’s heart, so what we will do now is go to the market before morning sunrise and get a 4 cotyledon kolanut,

We had a teaching on kolanuts and their cotyledon meanings in our WhatsApp class, but now we will reteach it for some of us to understand the natural fruit we are blessed with with the help of creation.

How To Pray With Kola Nut In Igbo Language
How To Pray With Kola Nut In Igbo Language

Kolanut is a sacred fruit known as ofo. When you are not innocent and in tune with creation, nature, and innocency, you do not touch kola. Everything we see in the world has a reason for being there.

Kolanut has been widely utilized as a symbol by all ethnic groups in Nigeria, notably by the Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa tribes. In Nigeria, there is a traditional adage that “kolanut is produced in the West by Yorubas, consumed in the North by Hausas, and adored in the East by Igbos.”

Kolanut is used to embellish social rituals of hospitality as welcome offerings to guests, as a sacred offering in religious rites and prayers, and in ancestor veneration. It is widely used in important life events such as weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals, and memorials.

The Hausas call it gworo, the Yorubas Obi, and the Igbos oji or, more colloquially, oji igbo.

Kolanut is sacred, which is why we say “kola is life.” Kola also represents peace. This is why, when you visit an Igbo man’s home, he will greet you with kola nuts and say, “onye wetere oji, wetere udo,” which translates to “he who brings kola, brings peace.”
We have different parts in kolanuts called cotyledons that range from 1 to 6 or higher.

A kola with only one cotyledon is known as a dumb kola or j ogbu. It is known as j mm, or kola of the spirits. It is not consumed.

-Kola with two cotyledons is also a stupid kola and is not consumed. This is why the Igbo do not use gworo or cola nitida in rituals or serious traditional celebrations.

-Kola with three cotyledons is known as j ike, j ikenga, or kola of the valiant. As a matter of principle, only warriors or brave men, as well as consecrated or ordained people, are permitted to consume this kola.

-A kola with four cotyledons is known as “j udo na ngzi,” which translates as “kola of peace and blessing.” It is regular kola.

The number four is extremely sacred to the Igbo. Kola with five cotyledons is “jbara mmad, mm na kwma,” which represents increased procreation, protection, and good luck.

How To Pray With Kola Nut In Igbo Language : 

Kola with six cotyledons represents communion with the ancestors, as in “j ndi mmo na ndi mmad jiri gbaa nd.” The smallest part, or cotyledon, is thrown away for the ancestors to eat. Similarly, kola with one cotyledon is not eaten by man, which means it is not broken during rituals since it belongs to the ancestors, a mindset evocative of Igboland’s direct bond between the living and the dead.

Kola with seven cotyledons is a good omen, representing prosperity. It is, however, rarely seen or broken.

However, as children of peace and development, we shall use the kolanut with 4cotyledons to pray to heavenly spirits for peace and progress in our business and doings right now.
Cleanse yourself before morning. You may attend our WhatsApp class to learn how to cleanse oneself @+2348026****. After clearing yourself of evil or negative energy, get your 4cotyledon kolanut,
Wait for the sunrise while you wash it.
Purchase alligator pepper seeds.
Go to your prayer or spiritual exercise area. I hope you understand what I mean, I mean a place where you stay to pray outdoors rather than indoors, then raise the kolanut close to your self near your mouth and your prayers today commends,
I thank you the most high, the creator of the entire universe, for life and protection, I thank you angelic angels, I thank you for life, and I thank you my guidance angel for guiding me down the right paths for positivity.
I greet you, my ancestors, and the spirits who live in this morning sunshine.
Make sure you are facing the sun and are barefoot.
I greet the ghosts who inhabit this space.
Continue in this manner,
After greetings, you will tell them that you have come to take your own share being today eke,ubosi taa bu eke ga eketere gi iheoma,ma nala mmuo na mmadu, (today being eke day will get you good things from human and spirits)after that you will start saying everything you need,don’t pray with greed,
If you need favor on business boom, tell them you have coke to speak life into your business, tell them to bring more customers to your business so you can profit and be useful in life. Let them know you are not using another man’s destiny to boost your business, let them know you have never killed a man to use as a sacrifice to boost your business, and in doing so, let them come with their infinite powers and help you to excel in your business, make sure you are innocent, say the name of the business you do, and then say, Ta bu ubosi eke ga ekeputaram iheoma, Ta bu ubosi e
Ihe oma m agbola biko nu fofutara m ya maka na anunam USi iheomam,
(Because today is every day, let me have a part of pleasant things.)
Today is eke DA, let me receive a portion of wealth, today is eke day, let me receive a portion of blessing, I have perceived the aroma of my blessings, please bring it down for me, it has boiled and I have perceived the sweet aroma, please give it to me,)
Round the kola four times on your head, then break and gently throw it on the ground.
and go about your daily activities, watching the boom on what you do,
Precious foods are not given to dogs, so if this message reaches you today, please know that it is precious and cannot be forgotten that you recover it, pray yourself out, prayers are free, don’t relent, while the farmer sleeps, intruders came and planted weeds that were not planted by the farmer, so when you sleep, enemies try to invade your privacy, don’t relent fight and get what’s yours, Peace be unto you.

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