How To Link WhatsApp On 2 Devices (2023 Feature)

The new WhatsApp feature which just rolled out and currently in beta version will enable 2 phones to operate 1 Whatsapp account.

This will create newer jobs for virtual assistants specifically for replying WhatsApp messages and closing sales for their employers.

How To Link WhatsApp On 2 Devices
How To Link WhatsApp On 2 Devices

It’s now Time for VAs to start exploring the many opportunities the internet and it’s various social platforms is creating for us.

How to do that:

On a phone with freshly installed Whatsapp, during the sign in process instead of adding a phone number, click the hamburger icon and select “Link A Device”

Afterwards a barcode is generated which is to be scanned by the main Whatsapp. Alternatively, once barcode is generated, screenshot and send to the main Whatsapp owner to scan it and viola both

Whatsapp accounts are connected.


With the advent of this feature, friends or close relatives can now monitor your conversations if they get hold of your phone and link it to a new WhatsApp.

It’s important to always;

– Setup 2FA on your WhatsApp
– Goto settings >> Link Devices check to see if all devices there were linked by you, if you see a malicious one, kindly tap on it and logout.

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