Hanacka Vodka Price in Nigeria

Hanacka Vodka Price in Nigeria : Pure Spirit’s foundation Hanacka Vodka Silver is made with crystal pure water from deep wells in Moravia and a wheat type that has matured in the sun in rich fields, giving the vodka its delightful fine flavor. Since 1518, the earliest Slavic vodka has been produced in the town of Prostejov.

Mates of Prostejov, the town’s founding father, was the first known distiller; he utilized a simple technique of gauging alcohol % contents with a silver Prague groschen coin in a hydrometer. To obtain the appropriate alcohol concentration of 40.13%, the vodka was manufactured according to a stringent standard of honest workmanship.

Hanacka Vodka Price in Nigeria
Hanacka Vodka Price in Nigeria

The unusually clean liquid was dubbed “vodika” (small water), which was ultimately abbreviated to vodka. That is why Hanacka Vodka is the world’s oldest vodka.

Our master distiller and his predecessors spent years perfecting the centuries-old vodka recipes, overseeing every step of the 5-step distillation process to ensure the quality and taste of today’s original Hanacka Vodka Silver, descended from a long line of Moravian spirit distillers dating back to 1518. This meticulous procedure enhances the texture and flavor of the vodka, bringing it to the next level of purity.

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The price of Hanacka Vodka in Nigeria is ₦5,500.00

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