Biography of Frank Edwards (Age , Wife)

Minister Frank Ugochuckwu Edwards, often known as Frank Edwards , was born on July 22, 1989. He is an Igbo Nigerian modern singer, composer, and recording artist who has come to recognition with his musical style throughout the years.

He is the creator and proprietor of the record company Rocktown Records, which has released music by Frank Edwards, Gil, Dudu, David, Divine, and many more.

Frank Edwards
Frank Edwards

He grew up with five siblings in a very poor household of seven. He is from Enugu state in Nigeria’s south-east. His skill began to shine at the age of ten, when he began singing and learning to play the piano from his father. During his adolescence, he also committed his life to Christ.

Frank Edwards began singing at the age of ten, and it was at his local church. With his piano abilities, he began ministering outside of his church and on the country’s greatest venues.Frank Edwards Biography

God intentionally led and placed him in the ministry of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Christ Embassy aka Believers LoveWorld Inc., which explains his ascent to fame. It was a watershed moment in his life and career. Even if he had other ambitions as a child, everything changed as he began to follow the man of God.

Growing up, he wanted to be a pilot, but while following the man of God, he fell in love with the way Pastor Chris worships, which motivated him to pursue music as a career.Frank Edwards Age

He eventually joined The LoveWorld Records, which allowed him the opportunity to share the stage with legendary musicians such as Sinach, Samsong, Joe Praize, and others.


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Not only did he join the ministry, but he also found a place where he could serve God successfully. He joined the church music team, where he excelled in both singing and playing musical instruments.

He joined Pastor Chris Oyakhilome‘s Presidential band and then became his personal keyboardist.

When he published his debut album in 2008, it was completely independent of LoveWorld Records. However, when the President, Pastor Chris, heard the song, he felt obligated to promote it. The first stage in his promotion was to urge his congregation to purchase the CD.

He also offered him the opportunity to perform live in the church program, which is the first time Frank Edwards had stood in front of an audience.

Many admirers may be wondering why the contemporary singer is single. He was said to be in a relationship with Chisom, a Nigerian woman studying in the United States at the time. The pair ended their relationship on a high note in 2012. He hasn’t spoken anything about his relationship thus far.Frank Edwards Wife

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He has won several honors since entering the spotlight. Even if he cannot be limited in the amount of accolades he has or may get, he already has the following in his collection:

  1. He received the Nigeria Entertainment Award (NEA) in 2019, 2014, and 2016.
  2. At the Nigerian Awards in 2010, he was named Rock Artist of the Year.
  3. At the African Gospel Awards in 2012, he was named Best Gospel Artist Africa, Best Gospel Rock Artist, and West Africa’s Best Male Vocalist.
  4. He was also nominated for three Nigerian Gospel Music Awards in 2012. Male Vocalist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Vocalist
  5. He received a $10,000 cash prize for winning Hit Song of the Year at the LoveWorld Awards in 2012.
  6. In 2013, he was named Africa’s Best Male Gospel Artiste at the Africa Gospel Music Awards (AGMA).
  7. He was also named City People Artiste of the Year for two years in a row.

His connection with Don Moen, a well-known Christian worshipper, began when they met at a program and Frank asked for a picture with him. Don Moen mentioned to Frank that he is a huge admirer of his music. Since then, the two have developed a good friendship, and Frank frequently refers to him as a Father.

From a modest household, one can only fathom how much effort it would take to reach this level. Who would have thought that someone who used to hawk items on the side of the road could envision grandeur in his imagination and subsequently handle it? Frank Edward’s life is a witness to God’s dealings with humanity today, with an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars.

Frank was able to discover the perfect area for what is inside him to find expression, just as Isacc could not sow in any other country than that land. You, too, must find your place and rely on God for Grace.

List Of Songs By Frank Edwards:

Frank Edwards Songs
Frank Edwards Songs
  1. Idi Ebube Ft Sinach
  2. Under The Canopy
  3. Onye
  4. Oghene Doh
  5. I Lift My Voice
  6. Heavy Rain (Springtime) ft Recky D
  7. Here To Sing Ft Chee
  8. Let Your Name Be Glorified Ft Insta Choir & Chee
  9. God of Miracle
  10. Hallelujah Meje Ft Nicole C. Mullen & Chee
  11. I’m Supernatural
  12. Miye Ruwe
  13. Miyeruwe (I Praise You)
  14. Unto The King Ft Pita
  15. Praise Your Name
  16. Thy Will Be Done Ft Nathaniel Bassey
  17. You Are Good
  18. Who Run Things
  19. Heaven Rocks Ft Mayo
  20. In Love With You
  21. Happiness
  22. One Song Ft Da Music
  23. Chioma

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